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Cornelius Club

The defects that we had gotten to pardon, like the gratuitous violence and the hedonismo of the personages, return now to persecute to us, to such point that the firing that sticks Cornelius is absurd. In another one it films … Continue reading

White Roses

The White Roses the Best Complement Decoration with white roses, the best flower to combine with flowers of alive colors like the red roses since when uniting these different roses with meaning reflect union, is used in the religious ceremonies … Continue reading

West Side Story

First simple steps, We will not try to do ” moonwalk” , (step that seems that we walked, but we go backwards), not even to put to us of finishing nails, We are going to begin with a choreography, for … Continue reading

Humanitarian Aid

The international community attends the tendency, increasing, to increase the humanitarian aid destined to natural catastrophes. Without going more far, the United Nations have tried to in the last give to solidity years to a bottom of emergencia and a … Continue reading

Shinto Kanamara Matsuri Festival

The penis and its importance in the course of time the penis, a feat the penis and its importance in the course of time different representations of the penis are practically in all cultures, religions and every century reflected. The … Continue reading

Energetic Basis

Our visible material world consists of invisible physical energy. Sure all have heard before, that is the smallest intangible part of our everyday physics, an atom, only 10% of matter but for 90% of energy. And maybe they also know … Continue reading

However Mr

A Jewish tradition tells that it was son of the widower of Serepta, which fed Elias prophet and later it had its only son died, who was revived for one of the biggest prophets of Jewish history. O SIGNAL OF … Continue reading

The Vers

Jesus with certainty already would acquire all somativa proceeding from its celestially divine auto-existence. The Vers.40 participates to us that the Master grew and if he fortified and not that it grew fortified, therefore if cannot deduce with whom Jesus … Continue reading

Pretty Bar

According to arqueologistas, it has at least six a thousand years, populations if they use of the hidrogrfica basin of the River Tiet, a river that also had paper of prominence in the period of the Bandeirantes, and in the … Continue reading


Some of the best purchases can be done through purchases by Internet in EE. UU. They exist all type of supplies, is simple to realise and it generally has the capacity to locate all preferred articles to a very economic … Continue reading