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Both powers together give happiness. Happiness is a state of mental peace where there is unrest and violence. Inner Peace creates faith in the intellect. When the intellect is illuminated by spiritual wisdom, fewer mood swings and less doubt in … Continue reading

GenoKoop Federal Government

Even after the amendment to the Act 2006 we have not succeeded in Germany, to inspire more people to the legal form of a cooperative. “” In the program of the German GenoKoop Association (BUDG) will this self-critical noted: it … Continue reading

Federal Association

Discrimination against students with dyslexia or dyscalculia be hindered because of missing disadvantage compensation still working to achieve a talent fair school, was offset only partially or not in some provinces. The BVL calls for a rapid implementation, to give … Continue reading

US Federal Reserve

For the next few days, little suggests that on the existing move sideways something is changing. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) The oil price has partly offset its recent losses. In the afternoon, the barrel cost US light oil (WTI) $81,50, North Sea … Continue reading

Federal Republic

Information about the account book; Purchase of U.S. Treasury bonds. German bunds are securities of the Federal Republic of Germany that it emits as a permanent issue. And when those securities to proceed according to a fixed plan with annually … Continue reading

Federal Government

Energy cooperative Freudenberg supports schedule for phasing out of nuclear power, who has environmental protection organization Greenpeace the election of the new Federal Government energy policy direction decision referred to as: the new Federal Government creates the energy revolution with … Continue reading

Federal President

Such donations are perfectly legal and were you as required by law. Therefore, it is also known that a single solar company so far 75,000 euro with the personal purpose ULI Kelber 2009 Bundestag election campaign “has donated. I would … Continue reading

Federal Association

In addition, certificates as opposed to funds or deposits at a bank is subject to not the deposit insurance fund of the Federal Association of German banks. Up to the amount of 30% of the relevant equity of Bank at … Continue reading

Federal Privacy Act

Ask your questions openly and evaluate then for yourself, whether you feel reliably serviced. And one final note: take a close look at the photos of the escort ladies. The impact these artificially retouched? If so, let the fingers of … Continue reading

Federal Republic

The results can be graphically via an Internet mapping service, the by smart Geomatics is provided on our own servers. Based on the analysis of potential, the company for municipalities offers an extended performance package that includes consulting services and … Continue reading