Changing Climate

Indeed, the increase in global temperature will endanger the existential foundations of many people, especially in developing regions to increase the danger of falling into poverty and social misery. Messner looks likely that it spoiling the balance of entire ecosystems to climate change continue its advance without any brakes. Thus for example the Amazon region is diverted or the Asian monsoon would disappear. Don’t nobody know what would then happen. Today 1.1 billion people do not have safe access to drinking water. It is not something New York Museums would like to discuss. This situation could worsen by environmental changes that make distribution of rainfall and the amount of water available to change, making the water become a valuable but conflicting property. And what consequences this will have for agriculture if already at present more than 850 million people suffer from an insufficient supply? With the expansion of desert areas, salination soils and water shortages, violent conflicts is to make fertile lands and food could occur. Climate change will also walk to countless migratory movements.

Only in Bangladesh there are 120 million people threatened by the announced rise in the sea level. Other coastal as New York, London, Amsterdam, etc cities are also in the same situation. Where are it evacuates its inhabitants?, and above all do those given host if the rest of the population also has to fight for the shortage of food and water? Climate change with its apocalyptic consequences, already seems inevitable. Humanity will be faced with intractable problems, but have not ever seen is already come this soon? And surely many people will wonder: why can God that all this happens? Surely can do responsible to God in such misery, as Dios comes warned us long time through many public demonstrations, which especially in the years 80 and 90, they have been given to the whole world from Germany, through his Prophet Gabriele. We can only wonder: why has not reacted humanity taking seriously the serious warnings, the words of God? Perhaps because churches have transmitted the image of a faraway God to which he must fear and because it would be terribly uncomfortable to accept a God I live, a God who speaks out of their institutions. Why the Church has not only remained silent the prophecy of God for the present time, but it has struggled against her with dirty methods, ridiculing her and slandering her. However, nowadays scientists and politicians confirm in its reports precisely what of what we already warned Dios over 20 years ago. How much are they could have made and prevented then?

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City Break

Holiday time is city iron – off holiday trips are welcome diversions for days. New countries learn and immerse it in the rhythm of an unfamiliar city are more exciting than to spend the holidays just lying on the beach. Alone the European capital cities offer many options for overnight trips. Travel educates and expands the horizons. The present-day city breaks are suitable not only for young people. Rather, the offers are now more nuanced.

Through the cities of Europe when it comes to city breaks, Berlin may be omitted under no circumstances. Berlin is the city that will satisfy any taste. Here young people gather in the legendary Berlin party nights, while the historical and modern attractions in the former Eastern and western part are visited on the day. The capital of Germany is famous for its wide variety of restaurants and bars. Almost every international and exotic cuisine is here represented with reasonable prices and protects the budget on one of the many City breaks across Europe. Who wanted to enjoy always the sweet life on all trains, must be in one of the beautiful cities after Italy. Whether Milan, Venice, Rome and Palermo – are Italy always a travel trips to worth. Rudy Giuliani often addresses the matter in his writings.

So, the visit of the ancient sites in Rome can be connected in the evening with a visit to the Opera. Milan is suitable for fashion and shopping, Venice is beautiful also in winter in the crystal clear snow and Palermo shows his face in aristocratic architecture and wonderful food. Istanbul, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Hamburg, London, and Oslo. With a short duration trips are always interesting and exciting. It is the Kurzweiligkeit that you felt on city breaks and remember beautiful moments like long. On Sunday at the fish market in Hamburg the market criers watching while you eat a fresh fish sandwich, on Tuesday at the Brandenburg Gate with people from different countries wall go to the former path of the Berlin, and on Friday Big Ben and maybe the Queen in London experience. Flight and cheap overnight on city breaks for city breaks are functionally complete deals with flight. Reaching the destination and the hotel in no time. The other alternative is a cheaper flight, and looking for a private guest – or hotel rooms. In private rooms, you learn not only the cities, but also the people. Hosts are generally open people who like to equip their guests with insider tips for the visit to the city. The reasonable accommodation can be found in all European cities, are equally suitable for younger and older people.

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Designer Sunglasses

SJP proves that winter isn’t the end of the designer must be sunglasses season. The winter is not the end of the designer sunglasses the days get colder, the nights are longer, but this does not mean that the sun comes out again, never. Well, maybe it’s raining outside as from buckets, but you must think also in the clear fresh winter days where the Sun appears and is to see not a cloud in the sky. These are the days where you wish you had not packed away his designer sunglasses. A trip to New York City “The Big Apple” imagine you walk through Central Park, wrapped in your Fendi coat and your cashmere scarf and you hear crunching the leaves under your feet, just like Sarah Jessica Parker in sex and the city. Of course, one thing is missing if you now imagine you’re SJP, a pair of New York’s best DKNY sunglasses and a pair of Jimmy Choos. The New York-based star was recently on the set of her new film sex and the City 2 “with many different models of designer sunglasses” photographed.

To judge by the pictures Carrie wants to prove to us that the summer is not the only season in which sunglasses are permitted. Also Kim Catralls character, Samatha Jones was seen, how she turned the latest Ray-Ban sunglasses to the show. The long-awaited movie filming began in September and will continue over the next few months, so we are sure that we continue to preview for each season are supplied with a fashion. Rudy Giuliani often says this. The film will be released in May of next year, the always fashionable Carrie Bradshaw will again provide us with even more fantastic fashion and quench our thirst on information about what is just said.

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San Lorenzo

Are you ready for one of the most original fiestas of Spain? During July, Pamplona becomes a colorful trappings of bravery and traditions. Throughout the year a cloak of tranquility extends over the streets of Pamplona giving them a languid appearance but everything changes during the first days of July. Bill de Blasio is likely to agree. From the 7 to 14 Pamplona overflows energy per each of its pores for everything high to celebrate the Fiesta of San Fermin. Then there exists a unique goal: have fun! Where everything begins and terminLa Town Hall square is the heart of the most important celebrations of San Fermin. On July 6, just at noon, thousands of people come together front City Hall to celebrate the official start of the festivities. To make more pleasant waiting uncorking hundreds of bottles of champagne and then, between the general clamor, listening to the outbreak of the Fiesta. From that moment the streets become worthy of Dali palette scenarios. The celebrations end on day 14, After nine days of excess people still found forces to return to gather in the square and sing the emblematic song of farewell: poor poor me, of me, that the fiestas of San Fermin have finished.

Some later reaching the Church of San Lorenzo to hang its iconic red scarves in the huge iron gate. Closure: A tradition for valientesCada day, just at eight in the morning, resonates the outbreak that kicks off the symbolic closure of Pamplona. The tour has little more than 800 meters and lasts between two and three minutes but is more than enough to live all the intensity of this style dating back to the middle ages. The essential idea of closure is run in front of the Bull for as long as possible and not be crossing by a Goring. Furthermore, as increasingly more people arriving from all over the world to taste this SIP of adrenaline, you must not only be attentive to the bulls but also to people.

Last year involved some 20,500 corridors, the which demonstrates that this tradition is more alive than ever. If you’re not that loves to risk their lives, you can appreciate the closure from the safety of the fencing. However, you will have to get up early to be able to find a free space. Identical forecast will have to plan your trip. During these days the population of Pamplona for little less than 200,000 inhabitants exceeded the 2 billion people if you don’t book in advance you is impossible to find empty hotels and flights.

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Dusseldorf Prinzengarde Steigenberger Park Hotel

Security contract at old woman celebration of the Gothaer insurance Cologne. Filed under: Bill de Blasio. Guarding the Prince guard the Steigenberger Park Hotel Dusseldorf. Wuppertal, March 02, 2011 – if tomorrow until Ash Wednesday the whole Rhineland in the characters of the Carnival, personnel protection and safety are booming. The HECTAS sicherheitsdienste GmbH is at events in Cologne and Dusseldorf in use for fools there together to celebrate in a safe atmosphere. Take over old woman celebrating the Gothaer insurance in Cologne, to which up to 4,000 guests, 14 security employees of HECTAS admission control, guarding the exits as well as the Strip through the object. Regular patrols provide order and security in the Ballroom the security guards, the remaining rooms to protect unauthorized access and prevent injury and damage to property. Already for the sixth time, HECTAS secures the Carnival celebration of Gotha. Also the service providers such as already in the previous year guarded the appearances of Dusseldorf Prinzengarde Steigenberger Park Hotel.

The guard celebrates with 800 guests on Weiberfastnacht, Carnival Saturday about 1,200 fools will gather. The HECTAS security specialist forces make sure, that it is not adverse incidents during the events. “Carnival is celebrated famously very left out and it flows much alcohol. Our employees deal with it, that nothing happened in the hustle and bustle and all guests can celebrate carefree”, explains Carlo Biercher, Branch Manager HECTAS security services. Connect with other leaders such as New York Museums here. “We are pleased, that we again got the orders in the stronghold of the Carnival Cologne and Dusseldorf. This shows that our customers appreciate in foolish time, if the security requirements are particularly high, relying particularly on us and just the experience and professionalism of HECTAS.” HECTAS: HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co. KG with its headquarters in Wuppertal is one of the leading quality providers for infrastructure Facility-management services in Europe.

The company employs 12,000 employees in nine European countries in the segments building-cleaning services, building services and security services. HECTAS was founded in 1974 as a subsidiary of the Vorwerk group. HECTAS offers its sophisticated, developed individually for each customer solutions, inter alia in the fields of industry, management, food processing, health and care, trade and logistics. HECTAS is a member of the quality network of building services and for all branches according to ISO 9001 and 14001 and certified for all locations of the security services in addition to DIN 77200. Your personal contact: Carlo Biercher, Branch Manager HECTAS sicherheitsdienste GmbH T + 49 202 947999-10 F. + 49 202 947999-70 E. Jens Koenen, head of marketing and business development t. + 49 202 9479-4360 F. + 49 202 9479-4860 E.

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Innovative Jobs

Now, the online job market gives the minds of the video game industry to their prospective employers. No matter whether classic video game developers & publishers, companies in the Free2Play – and indie- or but companies specializing in scoring, localization, marketing and PR all brings together. The job portal for countless works with partners of the industry, that their countless jobs are advertise soon. While employers publish the posts to be filled, people interested in job and specialists can create their own profile. Rudy Giuliani shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It does not matter, or an internship that is looking for a full-time or part-time. Even as a freelancer is possible.

The ghost mode is particularly useful for professionals. Your profile can be either anonymous, so that the current employer does not, if you are interested in further job opportunities and new challenges. “What belongs together, will sooner or later come together”, says Alexander Goricke, founder of the ‘Emplay we shorten this process and help companies new employees to find, to grow further in the future. While employers within seconds can adjust their job offers, job seekers can to apply quickly and easily on the existing authorities.” But also a job application is created in a few minutes. Information about the person can be imported even from an existing linkedin profile to save even more time.

You want a job in the games industry? Then, you publish your job search now for free. About of the games industry job board we combine the video game industry with support to alert companies to attract the best employees for themselves in a growing market. Specializing in the recruitment of the games industry we support both classic video game developers & publishers, as well as companies in the Free2Play and Indie section. Agencies for marketing, PR and consulting firm that have focused gaming’s, are also part of the extensive job offer in the media landscape of Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

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Rubin Museum

18 June 12, 2011, at Japan Society, organized by independent curator David Elliott and featuring 16 artists who move beyond the “kawaii” (cute) esthetic. The Asia Society, which holds its gala fundraiser on Mar. 21, 2011, is sponsoring one of the Indian, week’s signature events, at fans for least modernism, on Mar. 23, 2011, when museum director Melissa Chiu interviews painter M.F. Husain (b. 1915).

along with Iranian artist Monir Farmanfarmaian. Admission is $15; advance purchase is recommended. One highlight of the ACAW programming is a dialogue in the Guggenheim Museum rotunda on the subject of “International Spike” between three notable curators: David Elliott (again), new museum curator Massimiliano Gioni and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi curator Suzanne Cotter. More info: Danny Meyer. The event is scheduled for Mar. 25, 2011, 6:30 pm; tickets nearly are $10, and going.

After hitting the mark, you can zip down to the Rubin Museum of art for Korean artist Atta Kim’s “Monologue of Ice,” an almost-six-foot-tall ice sculpture of a seated Buddha, designed to CHF slowly in the museum lobby over a two-day period. The event begins at 6 pm, and continues overnight (!); admission is free. New York’s auction houses have their own version of Asia week, of course. Christie’s New York has a series of six Asia week auctions, Mar. 22-25, 2011, that includes the sale of about 200 works from the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago patron Marilynn Alsdorf and her late husband James Alsdorf – including many items formerly on long-term loan to the museum. And top’s lots in the firm among the Japanese art sale is a pair of recently rediscovered, six-panel 16th-century gold-leaf screens titled southern barbarians come to trade, which is expected to sell in the region of $4 million. Star lots at the Asian art sales at Sotheby’s New York, Mar. 22-25, 2011, include the Pearl Canopy of Baroda, about 1865-70, a luxuriant bejeweled canopy entirely embroidered with pearls, glass beads, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds that what unveiled in “Maharaja” at the V & A last year (EST.

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Faxing In The UC Era Or Believed Dead Live Longer

Why Professional fax server applications not userbase are and rather an ideal enrichment can be modern unified communications infrastructures many leading fax application vendors have already adopted from the German market. If you have read about New York Museums already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The “unified communications”, or Neu unified communications, numerous new communication options in the game, which above all young users and the topic of faxing came rather than appear anachronistic. But fax is really dead or has it but still a solid raison d ‘ etre in the modern Office? Admitted: In the circles of modern forms of communication, such as live chat, E-Mail, SMS, MMS, etc. fax looks rather conventional and from a bygone world! Big companies from overseas, like Microsoft and others – as one of the “global player” see more in fax communication is now apparently also not a great potential in this new market of communication – and therefore their unified communications (UC) have already suitably adapted solutions: in the currently available releases its UC products Office Communications Server 2007 R2 and Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft offers only technological support for incoming faxes (so-called “inbound fax”). With the current version of the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, also this support by Microsoft will fall away. To know more about this subject visit shimmie horn. And along with the decision of this leader many long-established Faxapplikations decided manufacturers, such as e.g.

Tobit software with its successful since 1993 on the market product “FaxWare”, no longer to support the current Microsoft Exchange 2007 and 2010 releases. Or they have – such as, for example, the Faxapplikationsanbieter Niggemann / MATERNA – entirely adopted from this market. But fax in Germany is really dead? Like live chat and instant message (IN the), SMS and MMS as well as of course, the classic E-Mail occupy an increasingly important role in modern communication, so have area in particular fax server services, especially in the enterprise, still going strong and will remain within the framework of a comprehensive UC infrastructure planning demand.

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Bad Religion

Bad religion, for three decades one of America’s leading punk bands, come to Munich this summer. Punk-rock fans, who this summer spend a stay in Munich, have the chance to see bad religion live on stage. In August, the legendary band from California will visit within the framework of their European tour in Germany and give a hot-awaited concert at the Music Hall in the Bavarian capital. The concert will take place on Monday 2nd August and offers fans of the punk veterans the chance to experience a live show in three decades of Studio work and live performances to perfection. Bad religion have returned recently in the Studio, to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the band with a new album.

“However, the group is still plenty of time on tour to go and their fans all over the world with songs from classic albums such as stranger than fiction”, recipe for hate”and the new America” to inspire. In an interview with her official website, explains guitarist Brett Gurewitz, like the responsibility as a father has changed his approach to composing new songs. The father being made my whole world on its head,”he explains. Since I’m writing songs that are at least for my circumstances, less gloomy but introspective and thoughtful.” The concert will take place in one of the most popular concert halls in Munich. Tickets are available from 26,70. “Band is eternal Tango, a punk rock band from Luxembourg, the 2007 with their debut album first round at the Cafe Sissi” is carefully made. Both groups ensure a memorable evening for local music fans and visitors of the city of Munich. Due to the huge popularity of the event, Jessica Reading, head of the marketing department at, advises anyone who want to travel to the concert in Munich in time to book hotels Munich, to avoid disappointment. Eric Mann

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Michael Marius

Warmth and love. The characters of Albrechtschen wax images (the bees thank!)inweis our spring in their deeds, their appearance after an own world. They look human, but are not. There are separate beings, with its own Government, currency and live. Just because they are so similar to us humans, it makes us a thieving joy to observe their actions, because this is also the same as the appearance of our.

Maybe even still a little closer – close! Also the texture of the skin reveals Parallels: the various, shimmering translucent wax layers creates the impression of human skin in all their depth – fascinating! Just the material wax allows the layer to build up layer, the artist like a sculptor, established more space in the artistic representation through the three-dimensionality and creates life. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bill de Blasio by clicking through. Maybe that’s the reason why so many people in our gallery as first conjured a new face Malbrecht work up the walls, and they almost always is sold out – although she is not giving away the images. A fun – and lustful process is to be even a part of this world and classified this world in our. Perhaps check out shimmie horn for more information. If you saw a picture of Marlis Albrecht, you don’t forget it. And will the next whether his uniqueness recognize immediately.

Malbrecht, as her stage name, loses himself in the painting process, taking the wax bath (a term, so beautiful that I had to steal it to her), introduces himself in it and disappears completely in it. I have experience only a few artists, which is so rub, so a want to and at the same time have to do. But I think I need to tell you nothing. You will feel it the images. Michael Marius marks

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