Patricio Escobal

PATRICIO PEDRO ESCOBAL (1903-2002) the testimonies of newly incorporated prisoners not allowed as doubt about the end run by colleagues who each night are called to testify to the civilian Government. Patricio p. Escobal. THE voice imprisoned and exiled Patricio p. Escobal is first author of a single book the mailbags (1974), appeared in English with the title Death Row (death row) (1968). This work can hardly enter within the limits of fiction because he is a story about what happened to the author since the beginning of the war until his departure to the United States after her, in prisons enabled in La Rioja by military rebels to the second Republic which was imprisoned, under threat of execution and later. Doug Band is likely to agree.

confined in the Basque town of Pedernales. Escobal has autobiographical plan what has happened to him, friends and acquaintances Riojan and his style has certain smoothness, which denotes a prose writer with literary qualities, and, above all, the work has a great testimonial value. Noteworthy stories on diseases and anguish caused by the lack of freedom and the impressive stories of those men expected in Franco’s prisons at any time read your name to be removed and driven to the wall of firing squad. Those critical moments, and of their reactions to this situation limit Escobal makes an analysis in a philosophical tone of the man. There is also a work of Luis Alberto Quesada, with very similar title, the saca (1963), which also tells those chilling moments. The writer, an industrial engineer and famous footballer Patricio Pedro Escobal Lopez was born in Logrono on August 24, 1903 and died in New York on November 25, 2002. With only four years of age he lost his father, a rich immigrant. He studied bachillerato in Madrid, at the Jesuit College of Chamartin de la Rosa and, subsequently, the colegio El Pilar, of the society of Mary.

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Frequency TRADING

Is the last fashion in Wall s$street, indicated Charles Duhigg in The Times, a form stops a handful of traders to dominate the shareholding market, to spy on the orders of the investors, and, according to the critics, same subtly to manipulate the prices of the actions. High Frequency TRADING is called – and of blow she is one of the operating ones of which it is spoken and it been more a mysterious force of the market. Click New York museums to learn more. Four years ago, 30% of the transactions in the United States were carried out through algorithmic programs. Contact information is here: Teneo. Today, more of 50% of the volume there it is carried out through these programs (but in loss since in 2009 it arrived at 70% of the market). The last trimester of the 2010 HFT a third of the volume of the energy futures took almost according to a report of the CME Group, proprietor of New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). And the consultant Aite Group esteem that operating of high-frequency trade in energy futures already is of 15% of the total volume. Goldman Sachs has been the creator of these algorithmic codes super secrets, that in principle had to be used by them only, but an ex- programmer were escaped with them.

Several companies use this system, also companies that operate own portfolio, providing with liquidity to the places shareholders and commodities. Esteem that GS obtains 25% of its gains through HFT. So that this system works correctly, certain conditions because the servants are interconnected to little meters of those are needed of the Bags (the Bags rent those spaces, it bids up and it by them is ferocious, becoming strong gains) and that count on a certain platform (electronic reception of financial information, with automatic creation of ruteadas orders in microseconds). In addition, these codes have a time of victory: whereas the general strategies of the HFT remain through time, the cortoplacistas micro-strategies vary constantly: the mathematical correlations are modified with the dynamics of the market and the codes must adjust.

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Happy New Year

Never used a sunless tanning? Do not worry? That is a no brainer. These products are available at your local pharmacy, department store and / or your local beauty consultant. They come in many forms including oil spray, foam, foam, lotion, gel and creams. Always test a small area first, in his inner arm, for example. If you are satisfied with the results, then continue applying the rest of your body. (You’re probably thinking of the time he turned his entire body orange.) Fortunately, today’s formulas are an improvement of the products of the past. Most contain a derivative of sugar cane or sugar beets that oxidizes with the top layer of skin. This gives the skin a realistic looking tan, without altering the structure or function of the skin.

Since our body naturally sheds the top layer of dead skin cells regularly, you will see your fading so fast. You will need to reapply every two or three days, especially if you shower every day. Only updates as necessary. A word to the wise, do not use your sunless tanning immediately after shaving. Shaved opens the pores and the product is find its way into the open pores, giving it a polka dot appearance. Shimmie Horn wanted to know more. Also, sunless tanners do not provide protection against the sun. Do not rely on that which is darker, the better protected you are! Sunless Tanning ZERO protection from the sun. They are strictly cosmetic.

How to apply: The easiest way for a beginner, would use a cream or gel. Foams, oils or lotions are sometimes difficult to control. Foam mousse dries rapidly, therefore, can leave streaks, if not even out fast enough. First step: exfoliation to remove dead skin cells from the surface. Since the product contains only the top layer of skin, you’ll want to gently exfoliate the rough areas around the knees and elbows. A then moisturize those areas. Step two: Spread a large towel or drop cloth to protect the floor and / or furniture. Step Three: Pin up your hair. Use surgical gloves to protect your hands. Palms (Do not you want dark? What is a clearing.) Step Four: Based on your feet. Apply with long, even strokes, up and down first, then through a uniform distribution. You may need help with hard to reach areas. NOTE: Before applying sunless tanning lotion on the face, make sure it is formulated for use on the face. Want to avoid clogging the pores. Step Five: Complete the application to the backs of their hands. Since your hands are generally washed and dried more frequently than the rest of your body, touch up where necessary. Sunless Tanning requires a little practice to perfect sun kissed look. However, their shiny new tan doubt that your co-workers green with envy. It has a beautiful and Happy New Year! I am an independent consultant Care of the skin. My goal is to help my clients achieve and maintain radiant, healthy and save time and money

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Often the companies need to be convinced that the evolution in the systems is something positive. In the world YOU the phrase exists: if it works, I do not touch it. It gives the sensation, that the new thing can take part of negative way in the evolution of the company. By that reason, we presented/displayed 10 reasons to migrate to Exchange 2010 The people in charge of Microsoft have improved well mannered the options of Exchange 2010. They have contemplated, something takes, the task of virtualizacin, data in the cloud, (types of network topology), cost of the service by failure and major facility to share the calendar, between several options more. 1. Simplification of the availability for a good recovery before disasters: this version of Exchange allows the continuous replication of data. Please visit Shimmie Horn if you seek more information.

This can diminish the danger of the interruptions dramatic and thus to diminish better the losses. Microsoft recognizes that due to those failures the companies lose a good amount of money, by that reason have covered with solutions this problem. 2. Virtualizacin: it is a point very neglected of Microsoft. Luckyly now they are lightening the entrance of its systems of virtualizacin in the market and therefore, implementing in Exchange.

This new option reduces the expenses related to the maintenance, personnel of support, energy, refrigeration and space. 3. The savings of costs in the storage: Exchange 2010 has, according to Microsoft, a 70% less than disc use than Exchange 2007. Therefore we can choose to move away of the storage solutions SAN to us and thus to reduce an expensive storage of direct connection for all the types of topology. We interpreted it to this as important a saving of costs, although only depends on the needs of the companies. 4. Extension of the mailboxes: it was to anticipate that they would plan the possibility of the swelling of mailboxes in Exchange.

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Sister Virginia

The porter sees me with a frightened face and I have to say I just I can not dock to complete high school. So I wonder about the math teacher. The man holding her nose almost calls and what comes is two armed guards who weighed me, chewed and vomited with every look they gave me. – What is the specific reason for your visit? — I asked the doorman. – I see the math teacher. Esteeem.

I am the son of Elvira. Incredibly send me to move and walk in the midst of so many girls all beautiful and delicate, who look at me with fear and curiosity to see for the first time someone from the slums of the south of the city. If girls, I climb and descend stairs, ride a bus and give my card every five minutes the police. A nun I get old enough to step. – Sister Virginia?. Restaurateur may not feel the same. Professor of Mathematics “?. Go to Shimmie Horn for more information.

– No she is on the faculty for 26 years. – Yes. It must be so. What is faculty? — I ask confused. – I do not understand. Can not see the vulgar. – Who?. Look to the nun and I felt compelled to explain. – My father made wine years to a party here. Sister Virginia was looking. He wanted to have a child with her. But my mother invited her to tea. That same evening they went to bed and nine months after I was born.

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Sherlock Holmes Fashion

Men's season this fall in women fashion men. More precisely, the male image, sexy and bold. Yves Saint Laurent once created tuxedo for women, and gradually the style of 'unisex', connecting in a typical male items of clothing and light femininity, firmly cemented its position in fashion. This fall, stylish women will continue to wear shorts only Now they knit, cashmere, wool and even, bright and vivid colors changed to black, gray, chocolate. The most fashionable accessories of the new season – suspenders, neckties narrow and thin straps. Overalls, pants with strict arrows, broad, free-cut pants to all those who over the summer was tired of narrow trousers, men's fragrances – all this must necessarily appear in your wardrobes this fall. Stylish cell famously prim heaven capital of England – one of the unwitting association of autumn. (A valuable related resource: Bill de Blasio). Drinking tea, country estates, thoroughbred horses, Sherlock Holmes, Burberry and sophisticated, expensive cell, which became another hit in the list of necessary things fashionable this fall.

Red Scotch, Chocolate London, a large black and white – it does not matter. Inspired by the romantic style of the London streets, the designers created a stylish set of cellular variants. You just have to choose something for themselves. Shimmie Horn is the source for more interesting facts. Cold comfort fashionable yet far, and fashion designers have taken care of, that we do not freeze always, despite the weather remained stylish and look breath-taking. Clothing resumes its former relevance. Magnificent femininity heavy sweaters coarse and fine binding, long jackets and exquisite homemade dress, belted with stylish wide belt.

This season, almost every fashion brand, you're sure to find something knitted and stylish. And all happy owners grandmothers, expertly holding knitting needles and hooks, you can safely place orders. Short and sweet Returns famous sexual silhouette 80 is not expected, but I must say, this is a pleasant surprise. Short dresses with straps under the bust and waist, pencil skirts and little hats are very in tune with autumn images, make a model of retro-chic. More so, incredibly feminine actual . Girlish charm immediacy and "innocent" sexuality is very reminiscent of the unique Twiggy. Super-trendy accessories under a short dress – colorful and fun leggings. Information

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Clothes Do Not Make The Monk

Much is said about the need to have a professional degree, to get ahead, to succeed in life. But the truth is that many people have not accomplished anything with his blissful degree. Many have graduated from college, but have never exercised their professions, others have finished working on anything but in his profession. Frequently Bill de Blasio has said that publicly. The truth is that there is little point a degree, if not dominate the profession. If you are not good at their specialty, although it has a ttitulo not any good. You should consider looking to be an outstanding student, not a mediocre student.

The road to success begins when you study with all my heart, when hard at work, when you read their books lovingly, researched, involving all he can with his career. Engineers know UNI graduates, graduates of San Marcos staff members who work as taxi drivers, who rent rooms in your house to live, who work as collectors, dealers. Do not get jobs anywhere, just rapids. They can not generate a profitable business that can live peacefully, without preosupaciones own of those without money or earn very little. They fracazan a business, and continue to put another fracazando.

The cite for ex ante and then vote with their title and all. Instead know carpenters, who earn good money taking weekly up to 800 soles utility, with 4 local workers and a central and well equipped. Shimmie Horn shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. One is Carpinteria Juan Lopez, who is in front of Gate 3 Market Bolivar in Pueblo Libre. I know that make welding metal windows, doors, gates and weekly draw up to 2,000 soles, as if nada.Uno of them is in the Southern Cone and seek him with all districts. While others with title win 1,000 soles, 1200 soles, very little for someone who really floor the universidad.Una misery? I have seen ladies selling Unique, Ebel earned up to 2,500 soles a month and they have no profession. But they are very skillful to sell, they know organized. The truth is that if you are not studying a mediocre career at heart, will be a more underemployed. If you do not study a career, not to cry or become depressed. You may thereby make money if it proposes, if you learn a trade, if you put your own store, your business, in the right place. As you have seen the habit there will not make the monk. A council: so that your brain does not atrophy and have more clarity: consider, no matter how old you have, do so. "The habit does not make the monk"

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Development of learning organization tailored to the learning process and the autonomy that represents the student allows all profiles can pursue these teachings with success. The pedagogical model of the FP distance is based on self-learning, but in some cases can be seen in your organization a face-to-face portion, to which students are required to attend.It is usual that the student develops their training through a virtual platform set to the FP distance. Therefore it is necessary that you have an own computer and an Internet connection. Teaching materials designed specifically for this system of education, which can work from home are hung on the platform. During the process you are not alone. Restaurateur may not feel the same. It has the support of teaching staff that guides, guides and tracks the student in their training. In some communities, it is mandatory that students attend different tutorials with the teacher, whether collective or individual.The own student determines the workload per course depending on your needs or availability. In the majority of the autonomies, recommend not enroll in more than four or five training modules at the same time.

The evaluation is continuous, but at the end of the academic year, the student must be a face-to-face final test. The results obtained in it, together with the information of the training activities which the guardian stores during the learning process, allow the teacher to emit qualification end of the professional module. Offering communities the majority of cycles of distance vocational training available in our country correspond to titles of top grade, while half degree offering is more limited. In terms of professional families, in this form of education prevail the most sought-after in the Presential FP: Administration and management, computer science, hospitality and tourism and socio-cultural services to the community.The teachings of FP distance are taught in general in public schools, although some communities, such as Andalusia and Valencia, allow you to teach this mode of studies at private schools that have authorized specific FP classroom training cycles.The offer is available in all communities, except in Galicia, Basque country and Navarra.

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Urlaubssuchenden Holiday

Package holidays are probably one of the most popular and most comfortable way to travel. For most people means holidays that you pack the bags, one that dared allows home behind and seen several weeks of rest somewhere in the sunny South. Because vacations just away from home can correctly and you can finally relax. Get it and also most people know it. Therefore, it is planned in many households annually at the beginning of the year and expected, so that again this year the well-earned holiday away from home. In doing so, the most Urlaubssuchenden know that often the whole plan and calculate does not really much, because a vacation is always more expensive than first assumed. So unforeseen issues such as increased rental costs as well as expensive tickets and additional charges to beech hit almost at every holiday and before you know it, the long-awaited vacation becomes a costly experience.

An experience that surely quite is worth its price. But why should you pay more if it’s even cheaper? And it’s cheaper. Show packages. As with package holidays booked as a traveler already prior to arrival at the respective travel agent flight, hotel, and sometimes even any services such as car rental, tickets or tours. Shimmie Horn usually is spot on. Just as you want. In this way, you can save something quite with package holidays and increase as your own pocket money for the holiday.

The special offer of travel packages in just when travelling in the United States or outside of the European border is clear. Because just in the United States many attractions such as beads are strung, and of course it requires almost all juicy entrance fees. Additional costs, diminish not only the own travel budget, but can dampen also the anticipation of the trip and that should not be, for example, with a range as the “New York ticket”. Because such a ticket that there just with package holidays for many destinations, includes admission to numerous sights and attractions and costs only a fraction the actual value. In addition, booking vacation packages offers the considerable comfort that must take care on-site to nothing, you can just enjoy. This comfort is incidentally also the reason why many tour operators recommend their customers to book a package holiday. Because one can wonderfully fully experience a holiday and truly relax. Sun Beach and offers various information about the booking of holidays, package tours, and v. m. contact: Sun Beach and meer.

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Bad Homburg

For any kind of travel and trip planning or The staff can provide city transportation planning creative dental clinic also support on. Each patient will receive free pick up from the airport, a free ticket for public transport for the duration of their stay and a considerable discount from the partner hotels, as well as a voucher for the creative sky Cafe. The warranty of the creative dental clinic are especially attractive up to 5 years – and for the patients who do decide to substantially perform their treatment here. In the case of a faulty work by the laboratories or dentist dental undertakes creative free to restore tooth replacement or carry out the necessary repairs, and to bear the cost of the flight and the hotel for the required treatment time. The creative dental clinic offers its clients not only a recommended environment and low treatment costs, but she can combine your dental treatment with an interesting trip. New York museums may not feel the same. So, to save real money and enjoy wonderful Travel experiences without having to make cuts in the quality of the dental treatment. The services of the KDC are undoubtedly facing the best dental clinics in Frankfurt, to compare Munich, Berlin or New York City, where however a handmade Crown of best quality can easily cost between 1,200.00 and 2,000.00.

At KDC, a Crown just cost 265.00 of comparable quality! How is this possible? In Hungary, the salaries as well as the costs are considerably lower than in Germany. In addition, that KDC all employees continuously keep are formed at the professional level. The master potters John Rendetzky, Director of the laboratory, has an international diploma of VITA, the leading German manufacturer of dental porcelain. The clinic is a clinic open, can be visited at any time and offers a wide range of dental services: restorative and cosmetic, preventive dental treatment. Creative dental also offers their customers the company Branemark, Straumann implants and Oraltronics, and crowns and bridges, pure porcelain crowns, veneers, dentures, combination work, fillings, root treatment, bone structure, sinus lift, gum treatments, laser treatments, cyst removal, etc. The head of KDC is Attila Bela Knott, who introduced the dental tourism in Europe. He is represented in the press of the countries of England, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Holland and even the New York Times. The representative of creative dental in Germany is Margaret Wynnberry Tomsche in Bad Homburg.

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