Scientific Advisory Board

The CONVA security training offers a safety training for children in collaboration with the Albert-Schweitzer-Schule, Neuss. Read more here: Doug Band. Girls and boys learn how to handle threatening situations. Chicane on the schoolyard, robbery or bullying: children are usually completely overwhelmed in these situations. Therefore, the trainer of CONVA security training in collaboration with the Albert-Schweitzer-Schule in Neuss host an assertiveness training for children. 14th-16th October 2011, (exact times see below) exercise boys and girls between the ages of six and ten years, how they can deal with threatening situations.

Role-playing games where the children hands-on practice, strengthen the own self confidence as they are at the heart of the training: it is now through the targeted use of body language or words. Effective self-defense methods are also on the agenda. The parents of the children will be asked to be present during the training days in the seminary. Conveys how their children in separate rounds of working parents get tips and tricks can support, use the behaviors tested in the seminar. It is important that training only with situations is working, that equally can happen in everyday life. The learned must be immediately applicable”, Jorg Frohlich of CONVA security training. In addition, also recent scientific results from the prevention research incorporated into the children’s training. “We constantly check the quality of our own seminars, they are also common professional, methodical and scientific standards”, says psychologist Dr.

Angela Derkum by the Scientific Advisory Board of CONVA security training. The seminar in the Albert-Schweitzer-Schule is an internal training of school. However, a few places are been kept free also for external interested parties. Interested parents can get content and process of the seminar at the free information event in the Albert-Schweitzer-Schule on Tuesday, 27 September, 19.30 – 20.30 clock, an impression of. The media are Welcome to participate as a guest at the seminar.

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Best Marketing Strategies

The secret of marketing is virtually the mouth to mouth or through the Internet. Presentations are usually done at home through demonstrations highlighting the wonders of how make money on the Internet. Although some of the Gurus are also false are those who sell products of great quality and at a very affordable price. Although their prices may seem expensive, savings in time and energy pays investment in a short time. Begins to know marketing strategies by clicking on the following link: real strategies for making money on the Internet if you have clear ideas and you dream is to change you life, the next step is to assemble or create a business on the Internet that will allow you to do so. (Not to be confused with Restaurateur!). Then and in a simplified way I leave you steps and keys that every business needs to operate on the Internet. If you like you are a dynamic and above all you like to earn money to give a new direction to your life, social relations, this secret may be the source of income that you are looking for. Work on the Internet will provide for: A schedule flexible adaptable to your obligations.

You can be your own boss with interesting commissions. Sure, spacious your circle of friends. Thou shalt limits and you can earn money according to your ability and effort. Remember that all work requires some kind of effort. Don’t forget important aspects such as tax obligations your country when it comes to exercise any activity, so I advise you advisors by a counter when you can start to earn much money. Original author and source of the article.

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Digital Inclusion

Third Sector and the Digital Inclusion in the Education * Vilmar Pedroso Controlling Guedes of Projects of the Intellectos Center of Research and Educational Development Mrcia de Borba Fields Associate Professor of the Pontifical University Catholic of the Rio Grande Do Sul Summary This article discourses on the performance of the third sector and its relevance for the communitarian services given to the devoid populations, aiming at to the reduction of the social and regional inaqualities. Its history dates of the half of century XVI with the participation of the Christian churches in which Brazil at the time kept a constitutional bond with the Church Catholic, being distinguished the developed social actions, mainly, in the areas of the health and the providence. But it was from 1960 that the third sector if made gift, represented for the not governmental organizations that had intensified its action of solidarity and the exercise of the citizenship. Read more here: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. With advent of the Internet and the access the new technologies of information and communication, the third sector started to expand its action for diverse areas of the knowledge. In the sequncia, examples of initiatives are presented that come being developed with the intention to offer the people who live to the edge of the technology a different way of if communicating, to learn, to improve its businesses, practising the digital inclusion.

To facilitate the digital insertion the use of great investments becomes necessary ally to the formation of partnerships to supply the lack of the State in the attendance of the necessities and social yearnings of the population. Word-Key Third Sector. Digital inclusion. You may wish to learn more. If so, Goop London, UK is the place to go. Computer science in the Education. School of Integral Education. Third Sector and the Digital Inclusion in Education Abstract – This article discusses the rolls of third sector and its relevance will be community service you needy populations, aimed at reducing social and regional inequalities.

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Network Marketing MLM

When I enter my first MLM business, remember that it had just emerged from the University, started working, read some books on finance, and thanks to these books began to find where invest my money saved. It was at that moment that I learned from these businesses, before I had never heard talk about Network Marketing, and when I learned about this business system, I loved, and not take long to enter. Because being inside I realized that was not as easy as it seemed, had much mistrust around this type of business and it cost me much more work than I imagined I find my affiliate first, and not only had to find any affiliate, the real problem was to find affiliates to take business seriously and worked as it shouldbecause as I said before, there are people who come with false expectations, thinking that they will win the night the morning without doing anything, and in a short time they leave. There are also people who miss you desire at the beginning but are losing strength and motivation, and at the end also leave. Fortunately, although it is not easy, over time you’re finding affiliates than if taking business seriously, and if they work, a good team is forming, and thanks to this the network begins to multiply.

Although that the MLM business is business in the mid-long term, and are not so easy as they seem, even so I consider them excellent business, since much less than any traditional business, a risk you can have your own business from home, something like a franchise but with an investment very low, and the possibility that over time will you leave even more than what would you any medium traditional business additionincome are residual, i.e., that as you earn a percentage of each Member of your network’s work, over time, as the members of your network are increasing, and each new Member will be also working, your anger growing income, while your work will be increasingly less. But money is not the only good thing that leaves you a MLM business, Network Marketing is a whole lifestyle, where if you take business seriously, probably also you capacitaras you fairly, and part of your training includes personal improvement. To be successful in Network Marketing MLM, there are to grow also as a person, and when you do, they improve all aspects of your life. Also with time you’ll develop good skills for business, and if you develop your MLM business primarily on the Internet, you will also learn many things about this great tool, which you will undoubtedly be of great help in this, the information age. In conclusion, I think that MLM businesses are very good choices for people seeking a part-time, low-risk business, low investment, and great potential for income, but when you take business seriously, and are willing to be trained and follow a system of work with perseverance and dedication. Otherwise they fracasaran. BLOG (related articles) original author and source of the article

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Communication as are always talking about the internet business and also talked of selling or of the sale itself, can not touch the issue of communication, something no doubt, essential for sale. NYC Marathon has compatible beliefs. Is it possible to imagine a salesperson’s success in someone who does not know to communicate? Years ago nobody would have imagined that at this time we would spend so much time in front of our PC monitors; When the utilization of the computer began to be more and usual, someone said that, being so long at a computer, would be detrimental to communication between people and that end very little talking between us. But no doubt it had the opposite effect to what you imagined long ago; the impressive expansion which were to achieved in communication thanks to the Internet never could have been imagined. This new technology has been successfully received by all people take advantage of its benefits and uses it more and more and this has accomplished that it has expanded the way to communicate and interact. Today, anyone of us can have a conversation with another similar, than in the Antipodes; We can talk and see us from and to anywhere in the world; and a clear demonstration of the expansion of communication is, for example, e-learning, which is nothing more nor nothing less than education and training distance over the Internet.

This new educational concept is emerging as the new form of training of the future and is succeeding in fixing a position increasingly firm and stable. Even language barriers are being pulled down thanks to communication via the internet; Imagine a few decades ago all these achievements, by the advance of technology, would have been a novel of science fiction. What I mean is that Internet provides you with plenty of tools that allow you to expand your communication and which are certainly available to you so that you use them and you can make your entrepreneurship taking advantage of technology. .

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Lenin Komsomol Institute

Useful experience of ancestors could be used more effectively for future generations, and mistakes in life, too, should be made public, in order to prevent them avoid in subsequent generations. However, it is very important not overdo it, now look ridiculous attempts of some people to “write” themselves into a sort of aristocratic lineage. In this case, the people spoke only their own pride and no descendants of these attempts to help, of course, not will, though, who knows, after all, have to start somewhere. But enough philosophy, the need for my work, I think, justified enough, proceed directly to the description. Speaking candidly The Metropolitan Museum of Art told us the story. In his summary, to explain those, or other of their actions and deeds throughout my life, I’ll be forced to involuntarily turn to the description of the business and personal qualities of those around me, I am deeply sorry in advance if these or other aspects will be reflected, In your opinion, is not correct, by this I do not try, just suggest to be very honest and show all the way it felt and saw myself, because I know what I know at his level, and possibly having more extensive information, would explain everything in a somewhat different form.

I would be grateful for any comments and suggestions as possible, one person, of course, limited, and advanced age does not allow remember the many moments and nuances. Description of my life on this site ends with “ordeals” in the status of the unemployed in February 2010, a further narrative guess record in another section or the blog site to its physical death, when will my health and financial situation, the Internet still pretty expensive thing in my position. Already there are offers to host the site Materials of my friends, fellow students in Riga Red Banner, the Lenin Komsomol Institute of Civil Aviation, my co-workers in the airline and the Ural Ural Branch Kazaeronavigatsia, looking for classmates from high Burlinsky school.. Doug Band may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

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Make Money Online Sell Stock Photos

Are you fond to cameras and photographs? Do you like money make money and continue with your hobby? Would you like to earn money with your hobby? Then keep reading, because in this article I’ll give a few tips on how to make money selling stock photographs online. Not at all like what they like you have to understand that these now taking photos to sell to other people, and many will not share your taste. You have to take pictures with a universal appeal, photos that look very well and call attention to blogs or Web sites which is where mainly use pictures. Don’t be flashy remember that your goal is to provide a visual appeal, but it passes you and want to steal all the attention the text by having very striking images. This distracts the readers and won’t be very appreciated by your customers.

Happiness sold trafficking take photos with positive themes and cheerful colours. NYC Marathon is likely to increase your knowledge. You will find more customers that way. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk contributes greatly to this topic. It is certain that there is an owner of a blog that wants more sober themes, but believe it or These people are not a minority. The majority of people want to be happy! Acts professionally keep in mind that your most likely customers are online companies that want to give more color to your site by publishing photographs. Your photos must be decent and respectable. You should remember to be within reach of the people of business and not the average Internet user. Bearing in mind these tips you let’s we begin correct, now just as you start to Thomas stock photographs to start selling and you have an extra income with your favorite hobby.. ons.

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Internet Networking

In the modern community of the most popular are dating online. Meet on the Internet are beginning to people of all ages. They all have different purposes: communication, friendship, cooperation, dating, or serious relationship. On the Internet there are many services that let you get acquainted with another man: dating services, forums, conferences, ICQ, IRC, chat rooms, virtual club, on-line games. The project InterZnak conducted surveys to which was to identify preferences in the use of an Internet service for singles. Here are the poll results: Least popular were acquaintances through forums and conferences (5%), more popular – Dating through chat rooms (18-27%) and ICQ (16-20%), well and first place in popularity took dating (47-55%).

You can make a rough portrait of social acquaintances server users. Undoubtedly, all these people are quite educated, working time with computer, at least at the user level. If you would like to know more then you should visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art. They have enough money to pay for Internet access. That's it. The rest – habits, character, attitudes, tastes, ways of spending time, etc.

Thus, all that can be say about you – this man is educated enough to work on your computer, and often has quite a decent income. The rest of the people that introduce the Internet are very different, and surely you will find among them quite interesting and you personally. Some girls, for example, desperate to find a partner, visit sites and virtual dating, the first that their interest will be picture of the future man. However, sometimes guys download other people's photos, and give themselves for others. There are times when a guy with a girl just learn to communicate. Many are introduced only in order to gain new experiences, meet new people, go to someone in a movie or a cafe. Nothing serious, in general, this does not work, except, of course, in cases where both people like each other. There are also some people who are ready for their own benefit tolerate even quite unattractive to them, man. These singles are made to find a business partner, sponsor or just a rich guy who is willing to pay.

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AS well, in this war of the 21st century, the victory will be only for who can be handle with expertise (among others) the new rules 3: 1st. NEW rule: You are a leader who has arrived where he is because he has proven his strategic genius at the time. Therefore, you understand that today is a war of computers and therefore can NO longer work only. Given that to win you you need to realize the VISION of the future of your business, know that it will do so through the exercise and the power of their teams of people, therefore the first that nothing, must invest in select and incorporate the best leaders of teams: i.e. commands with the appropriate TALENTS to form and manage teams and managers. ALL WARS GENERALS EARN THEM AND THEIR OFFICERS DID OR NOT SO? Now well, that commands leadership team to be able to give you results will asked you you them of: a.- Responsibility and capacity for decision-making in their Area of action. Managers (or General as you) of true level, tend to work permanent training for change and make leaders to their COLLABORATORS in his charge (personnel call them that they will lose the war), and expect to be measured by their objectives monthly, quarterly, annual, the handling of budgets, work climate and high motivation, improvements in their processes, etc. b.-all the necessary authority, must include permission to kill (terminate) all which are not helpful to the interests of the company, without having to ask permission from you. That should give an pena if that process reengineering people, are affected their close relatives or friends, their compadres or protected until today with you, or your old people of their confidence all working until today almost untouchable or no results.

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Construction Firms

Currently, construction firms can operate in a fiercely competitive (and now the financial crisis) only if the absolute automation of the production process and using the latest technology that allows you to save material resources to accelerate the pace of construction, efficient use of labor workers and craftsmen. For example, if you take the most common process in construction – preparation of the solution, then, here it is essential to fit all existing regulatory standards, because its use applies to both new construction and the restoration of old, and its quality is directly dependent on what equipment is used for its manufacture. Today has been successfully used such equipment as the mortar, which are provided for transport and further applied to a surface to be processed, the solution, and they differ among themselves productivity, range and power supply solution. Key sites of mortar – the engine, tank and hoses, the allowable size of The sand fraction is indicated in the documentation provided with the equipment. Mortar for feeding fine-grained concrete called gyratory, and a grouting works on the principle of transfer of the solution hose to located on the end of the nozzle or nozzle plaster, while the construction itself is quite simple and easy to use. In works such as installation and consolidation of the formwork, smoothing surfaces, masonry work, and, of course, the very transportation solution implemented with the help of this equipment fairly quickly and easily. Another frequently used in the production of a plunger-diaphragm mortar, which gives the solution in the receiver by moving the pressure reciprocating plunger, rubber diaphragm through the working medium (water). Equipment refers to the cost and productive technical devices, but lack a diaphragm mortar is fast srabatyvaemost rubber diaphragm, the decline in productivity due to leakage and evaporation of water.

Piston grouting – robust and reliable equipment – it does not contain the cylinder C by means of a liquid and a diaphragm, a key business unit – the piston, directly affects the solution, has a good supply, long working resource (2000 mach / h). An important type of construction site equipment is the mixer – this sets a horizontal shaft, formed from the tank with ball bearings at the ends and a mixing mechanism. Mixer is designed primarily to make the dry mix and stir-grained mortars. Mixers with vertical shafts have a complicated structure, consisting of 4 pillars, each of which are mounted mixing and selective mechanisms (shoulder). High quality mixing molding compounds, as well as sedentary and mobile concrete making this equipment is universal.

Kind of a cyclic force mechanism, a working element in the form of stars, rotating around and mixing solution thus is a planetary mixer. Equipment is provided for uniform mixing of heavy-duty solution, is a universal and costly manufacturing equipment. Vibrooborudovanie today plays an important role in construction, because, through different mechanisms in this group can now deliver, unload, ramming dry mixes, as well as dehydration fractions. For example, consists of an asynchronous motor and the rotor, a general-purpose vibrator. Seal concrete or soil mass is a frequent necessity of building procedures, which currently uses a vibrator with a circular vibrations. In building trade (depending on the type and scope of work) may be used including vibrators with vibration direction, depth, explosion proof, hand-held flexible shaft, vibrouplotniteli, vibration tables, screeds – the type and kind of equipment is selected as chief engineer and negotiated with the management of the organization.

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