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(Online-Artikel.de) – Bonn, August 14, 2012. IT security and compliance in the DMS – / ECM environment are the focus of the new competence center of the VOI Association for organization and information systems The specialists are in this context treat current issues for the production and detection of security and compliance, put together best practices as well as guidance and testing basics (E.g. criteria for document management and enterprise content management solutions, short: PK-DML) develop and continue. The VOI picks up central concern in companies with its new competence center security and compliance”. Compliance and security are closely interrelated and are top priority in many organizations. However, the implementation of company-wide legally-compliant processes and maintaining consistent IT security are complex undertaking. By dedicated the VOI now focused to these issues in connection with document and enterprise content management, organizations will benefit in the future from practical information and guidance.

Projects in this area can be carried out then easier and safer. We will first work to base and draw universally valid statements from the previous project experience”, explained Ralf Kaspras as acting head of the competence center security and compliance. Later this should on industry-specific characteristics down then be broken and into practice.” Specifically, the discussion of current compliance and legal issues with immediate effect is in addition to the further development of PK-DML and the development of application tools to electronic document processes on the agenda of the new competence center. In the next step, the results in best practice is to implement recommendations. The development certificates to the qualification of DMS – / ECM experts, as well as the cooperation with testing and qualification partners is also planned. This the members with the other VOI competence are centres, such as the CC tax and law, closely vote. Teneo shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The results are presented at trade fairs and congresses.

Acting Head of CC security and compliance are Ralf Kaspras from the InnoDatTech, as well as Peter Luzar by Consultec Dr. Ernst GmbH. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. The VOI voice of information”takes over the application-oriented leadership for integrated applications related to document management systems and enterprise-content-management systems involving software, hardware and specific expertise to the creation of highly efficient total solutions for the machining processes in public institutions, industry, trade and service companies as independent expertise and network for users, consultants, service providers and manufacturers of document-based solutions. Editorial Contacts: VOI Association organisational and information systems Henner von the Banck healing b str.

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The First JOb

1. Need to decide what kind of work we dream Does this work with our specialty in high school. Way of thinking about the next one – a future doctor or nurse can get a good experience working nurse (incidentally, a good reason to test their reaction to the realities of the hospital), psychologists and sociologists can work the interviewers when conducting marketing research. Do not forget to inquire from their teachers, and suddenly they prompt a great way to work. On the way to the next lecture, look into the student council – and sometimes shoots a stick, perhaps there is a good job for a smart head. 2. Professional experience – this is a very important factor when taking to work. If it is possible to find a place closer to the functional specialty of our future – agree.

Even if the pay offer as a travel and rekomendatsionnoe letter, consider it a great chance. While fellow students playing computer games, we begin to fill in your record. 3. Community organizations provide an excellent opportunity to gain experience and to declare itself as a specialist. And let the money we do not earn, but we get an idea of future work in combat conditions. And, importantly, make a serious contribution to society. Learn more on the subject from Teneo. Incidentally, in Europe and North America in public organizations are trying to work even stars of show business and politics. This is an indicator of the civil responsibility of the person.

Choose the organization to his liking, and start to save the forests and lakes, to care for the elderly, to advise of drug addicts and to feed the homeless. 4. Additional education and experience in business can be obtained by passing courses free of charge to any insurance company. Serious insurers gladly provide free training for their agents, where you can learn sales techniques and business communication. If we feel that active sales – it is our vocation, stayed to work in an insurance company. There might be a spectacular career in a very short time. If we do not want to make a sale deed of his life, it still finishes courses (good knowledge is always useful), we obtain a certificate, politely thank in response to a proposal to buy a policy (or agree, insurance may be useful) and go further. Incidentally, the same trick we can crank out with network marketing companies – there can be an excellent formal education in the field of sales. Each of us wants to get a job at the first attempt. When This work should be to find a comfortable office, getting big salaries and systematic study of the content of Web pages. This situation certainly occurs, but not very often. If a student wants to own succeed, we must be ready to work, the question of wages was originally in the first place not to (when we ourselves zarekomenduem will pay a lot) and do not forget about the development. Bosses should see us respond to our questions and talking to himself dreamily: "Ah, youth! I have his energy! ".

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Karerist.kz – Jobs In Almaty

There are people who have spent decades working for one company with very little career and there are those who change their work a time or two times a year. Source: Teneo. But why are the people who make a successful career in relatively short time? Perhaps some simply fear anything or make changes to underestimate themselves, others can be overly contentious or search for 'own' occupation, and some – enough confident and professional personality. But a lot depends on how well chosen areas of activity, position and company. Consequently, what advise do psychologists to find excellent and prestigious job? Optimally, to touch one of those options on which you are actually competitive (even better if an independent person will appreciate, the proof in his lesson). For a successful preference Future studies must first understand ourselves, our own values, personal and professional qualities, the style of life. You should also take into account the mode of operation, the prestige of the organization wages fee. Doug Band does not necessarily agree. Also good to compare what you enjoy doing, and what you know. Work and its search is essential and crucial step.

In electing the various options will help you: internet-sites, recruitment agencies, trade fairs vacancies, media, etc. Another important source of information – personal acquaintance. In this case, the chance to find the robot is much more than a resource with high competition. After a goal-setting and inspection of the labor market – choice of employers with whom you would prefer to cooperate. It may seem like a list of companies that already are or will soon have a vacancy for the post you are interested. It is well to seek out new ideas for their careers in all areas of life. The more creative you are, the more interesting and colorful you will find work for themselves.

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Center Questions

Review of questions around the themes of job Center, unemployment benefit II (ALG II and Hartz IV) you have problems with the job Center in regard to the unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV)? Issues such as the job center around the ALG II (Hartz IV) I discuss under lawyer and Sozialrecht.de in short articles. In the articles I name links to the relevant legislation in the data banks of the ministries of Justice. I discuss the social judgments and values the judgments to the ALG II and to the Hartz IV. I call also usually left to the judgments in the databases of the Federal and State Governments. The article to the job Center, the ALG II and Hartz IV are stored in the archive of “Subsistence guarantees for job seekers”. It’s believed that Declan Kelly sees a great future in this idea. Whether it concerns credits and reimbursement of expenses invoices, the suspensive effect of an objection or a complaint, regarding the calculation of assets, questions regarding the taking into account of income, the unreasonableness of the employment, the articles can be questions asked and comments made. Like I take questions to the job Center and The ALG II (Hartz IV) on.

So far I have addressed in the archives of basic security for jobseekers following questions: 1. the concept of the community of of need for in 7 para 3 and 3A SGB II 2. costs of accommodation in accordance with section 22 SGB II financing of the condo 3. size of the apartment, height of the Wohngeldes services to “Hartz IV”; 4. consequences of the judgment of the Bundessozialgericht by December 16, 2008, B-4 AS 70/07 R 5 basic provision for jobseekers income taking into account inflow principle – 6. On the appropriateness of the accommodation expenses in accordance with section 22 paragraph 1 S. 1 SGB II, in particular to the apartment size 7 effect of the objection and the complaint against a change in the social security law, 86 and b SGG 8 presumption of the need for Community pursuant to 7 para 3 a no.

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Sanitary Ware: Bathroom Basics Of New Offer

Sanitary ware are the accessories for the design of a bathroom. Sanitary articles are no longer just simple amenities in a bathroom. One must take into account hygiene, long-term benefits, and even aesthetics. Nowadays, it is a more and more increasing trend to make his bathroom so stylish and modern as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in good sanitary articles.

High-quality products can be found on the Internet as well as in hardware stores. It is however advisable to obtain first some background information before you crashing out in the shopping spree. All installation accessories and fittings that were used during the construction of the bathroom, fall under the category of sanitary ware components and materials from sanitary articles. These include sinks, toilets, shower cubicles, holders for SOAP and towels, mirror and curtain rods. The sinks and toilets are usually made of ceramic, the other fittings made of stainless steel.

The materials in the production of these products used were, should be very stable and easy to clean. You should withstand the corrosion caused by hard water, SOAP and harsh chemicals. Pipes and cables can be made of different materials. However, these should be strong and resilient, so that they serve their purpose well for a long time. What should I know when you buy a bathroom accessories? Bogged you can down is very easy in the enormous range of fashionable designs and endless versions on the market. This can lead to hasty, ill-informed purchases, which can make problems later. (Not to be confused with NYC Mayor!). Bathroom repair and regeneration is a task, costing time, money, work and effort. Therefore you should always carefully look after sanitary articles. Hear other arguments on the topic with NYC Mayor. A few examples, you should keep in mind: Size and space: the bathroom is often the smallest room in the House. After installation accessories and fittings were crammed, it is even smaller. Therefore you should have first of all realistic ideas, how much equipment in the bathroom can accommodate. It is advisable with the plumbers and architects to discuss this, to get a reasonable picture of what really needed the bathroom. Installation: No matter how much care and attention you put into buying the right item, improper installation will lead to a bad end, and disaster. Therefore, you should take the services of a real plumber to complete, who carefully and professionally performs the installation. This helps to extend the life of the bathroom. Color: White is still the preferred color for ceramic articles. Some people also chose darker tones. But the important point is, should fit all the components to each other. Other bathroom accessories like curtains, etc should also fit. Budget: It is important to having a realistic idea of how much one wants to spend for the equipment of the bathroom. You can then make selections, based on the budget. It should save too much for the quality, just because it is cheaper is. Also helps the Council of an architect, plumber, or even of the supplier of sanitary products. Smith is the author of insta a leading company offers sanitary ware, worldwide distributor of home improvement.

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How To Choose Voltage

Surge protectors are designed to automatically maintain a constant-voltage mains (220/380). Functionally, provide: the full protection of electrical and electronic equipment for household and industrial use by the sudden change in the mains, stable power supply equipment in the permanent under-or over-voltage electricity; Ability to trouble-free and correct operation of electrical equipment to the unstable power supply voltage, voltage monitoring inputs and outputs, filtering noise and lack of network distortions; Automatic regulation of output voltage with high accuracy. Depending on the power supply and the connected load voltage divided by phase and three phase, depending on the principle of action – for electromechanical and electronic. Voltage regulators SRM are electromechanical type voltage regulators, which, in contrast to electron-type stabilizers, characterized by smooth automatic control of output voltage with high accuracy its maintenance, they provide excellent overload capacity and low noise. Perhaps check out Danny Meyer for more information. How to choose a voltage In order to determine the choice of voltage, one must first answer the following questions. What is needed voltage – single phase or three phase? In the single phase (220V) questions arise.

In the case of three-phase (380V) are possible options. If you have a three-phase network has at least one three-phase consumer, you need to install three-phase voltage regulator. If all consumers are single-phase, in most cases, it is best to pick up three-phase stabilizer. As a rule, it is cheaper. But there is one major advantage. This option allows you to bypass the feature of three-phase stabilizers, namely off the entire device when power fails at one of the phases.

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What Austria Should Say

Actually, I want to ride yes no attacks insights into the European Community. History: I just think that it would be also nice if you would let the past rest in Austria, and finally once again look, to live together in peace. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Danny Meyer. The most important issue in the media of in recent weeks repeatedly is Hitler. Declan Kelly has plenty of information regarding this issue. And so our country not evolved that is the history of Austria again and again from the past until today. We look into the past rather than the future, and until today, people are exiled from forums, if it were pursued, only because the grandparents were more than 60 years ago at a party, which is banned today for days. Who has really raised his own grandparents in the world? And Austria still lives with a big lie: we were the first victim of Hitler-Germany.

The few shots during the invasion and the Great Jubilee speak until today a totally different language. The fact is, Yes, there has been a Holocaust, which was organized by people, where cheap labor were still too expensive. People who saw primarily only on himself. And that’s exactly why prevents the repetition of history. But we look once on today:.) We get as low as possible to keep the employees will use the contracts of new employees to the funds and pointed out with the EU reform Treaty the collective agreements, by every entrepreneur can now recruit the staff international. .) We excite us anymore, that every fourth Austrians on the poverty line live and take note that this already people are, the full-time work, or even a company. .) We no longer surprised us that so and so many small and medium-sized enterprises go bankrupt, because the purchasing power of the people is no longer available. .) We send, even though we know that purchasing power is down, still have the money to Greece, Ireland, Portugal subsequently perhaps even to Spain or Italy and not think about it, that this is ultimately money, that our economy here ultimately is missing.

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Connecting Worlds

Manage a production line with high quality and few or no obstructions, is only possible when all components interact seamlessly. This is why Directive Soft Announces the incorporation as a technological partner of the company Enco Enginyeria i Control SL. in their quest to provide an integration from the level of industrial control with the level of planning and management that Compiere ERP provides, by connecting to the world of production with this software. Enco, Enginyeria i Control SL, is aware that only those organizations that have industrial control and production management solutions are able to answer questions and take action before any type of incidence much before this occurs. To know more about this subject visit Teneo. This company specializes in developing advanced applications for the automation and management of plant information. Thanks to their solutions, organizations have visibility in real time of what happens in their facilities. Thus, Directive Soft may offer to its customers the Compiere ERP integrated solutions connected to the production sector, where information flows quickly, without interruptions: from the level of planning and execution, until reaching the CONTROL systems in the production line, with the maximum quality and technological guarantee. Original author and source of the article.. (A valuable related resource: Teneo, New York).

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Flamenco Festival

Each song was orally transmitted from generation to generation, no music written and performed individually by each performer or performer. Eventually, the singer would be accompanied by the sound of a guitar, the movements of a dancer, or both. The theme of the songs has been expanded to include topics such as love, death, and the celebration, even politics and humor, the development of the different flamenco styles that exist today. The musical influences of Arabic, Jewish and even Andalusian culture local gradually became a part of the sound. What began as a thick voice, continuous, with the sound of the guitar, the movements of a dancer of accompaniment, and later, the applause of the audience, which accentuates the rhythm of the music. In fact, flamenco is an experience that shouldn’t be missed, and if your itinerary includes a trip to Seville, is very likely, a range of options that may occur to the magic and the thrill of the experience. A visit to the Museum of Flamenco Dance (dance Flamenco Museum) is a good place to start learning about the history of dance. Open 9 am 7 pm, visitors have the opportunity to browse a collection of audio-visual screens, permanent exhibitions, and teaching studios, spread over the three floors of this multi-million dollar project which opened in 2006.

They have season performances in the evenings during the summer, or also to participate in classes and workshops that throughout the year. Without hesitation Doug Band explained all about the problem. Those interested in a dinner and a drink with flamenco performance are directed to Los Gallos flamenco show in the plaza de Santa Cruz, for 20 euros, with drink included. Or Flamenco Tablao El Arenal, near the plaza de toros in a restored building from the 17TH century. Shows with or without dinner 30 euros are offered. There are plenty of bars offering nights of flamenco, sometimes even for free. It’s a great way to experience flamenco without having to pay more than what you drink. You can choose to attend to a show with music or dance only.

There are plenty of bars in the old town of the city, such as El Tamboril or Carboneria in Santa Cruz. Every two years, the biennial of Flamenco Festival is celebrated in Seville, which attracts artists from throughout Spain and tourists from around the world. The spectacle of the day, is set for the year 2008, usually around September. Those who have the good fortune to witness a performance live, impromptu, late at night in a bar smoked on the outskirts of the city, is likely that encountering a moving experience, as close to traditional flamenco that can get. The idea that flamenco is nothing beyond a theatrical performance of eye-catching colors and dance could not be further from the truth. The Flemish of truth is not heard, but experienced by the public. Some say that flamenco can not see, but it has to feel. An experience of communication between artists performers and the audience. It is a conversation to through the music. Before traveling to Sevilla, remember to reserve one of the apartments for rent Sevilla can be booked online! Seville holiday apartments have everything you need!

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Norman Mailer

is one of the great American writers of the twentieth century. Born in New Jersey in 1923, died in New York in 2007. Taking his own experience in the South Pacific during World War II, "The Naked and the Dead" was published when he was twenty-six. The battlefield, military action, the submission to the limit of human endurance are just a decoration, the excuse to delve into the atavistic, primal feelings of the human condition. Only in extreme conditions the person is shown as it is, seems to tell us Mailer. Each character with their strengths, limitations, phobias and neuroses, faces the events clearly showing his personality, the author adds to intelligent and brilliant flashback that describe the family environment and emotional labor in which each character lived immersed before joining . The death is fast and explosive, causing a great impression on the reader, but the action and life (survival) continue as if anything, making the body in the theft of a bad dream, a nightmare that everyone wants to end soon.

The reader sees on the head of all the characters in the story, the sword of Damocles that makes them liable to disappear at any moment, creating an unrest that keeps the focus on reading. Get more background information with materials from Doug Band. The detail in the psychological treatment of the protagonists involved, at times, some slow progress of history. Arguably, this is a purely psychological novel in which Norman Mailer using extraordinary powers of observation and description, we shred a variety of possibilities, of all the existing human behavior. A great novel. Safe Creative # 0912035057891.

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