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In synthetic way, we say that the Christian theology is a reflection, critical, hopeful and wise systematics and, on the Christian faith, lived and transmitted in the eclesiais communities, the service of the evangelizao. Alfonso Murad. Perhaps check out dayton … Continue reading

Global Village

Fbio Dos Reis Garczarek Per centuries or even though millenia the religion occupied a privileged space in the life of the majority of the men in the Land. See more detailed opinions by reading what dayton king offers on the … Continue reading

The Sphere

Divergences of information in the studied theories will provide to a reflection on its action, resulting in contribution for a bigger assertividade in the process education learning. The theory is important, therefore it in offers sustentation it to them to … Continue reading

Diabetes Mellitus

In a study carried out for Katz et al (2002), verified significant increase of the toxemia frequency enters the patients with gestacional light hiperglicemia and diabetes. It must be considered, also as risk, the carrying gestantes of diabetes mellitus (Azevedo … Continue reading


This in the sample the present dinamicidade in the sorts, since these if integrate functionally in the cultures where if they develop, characterizing itself for its communicative, cognitivas and institucional functions. Showing the importance of studies that bring its varieties, … Continue reading

Darci Dusilek

You will not incurvate they you will serve nor them; because I, Mr., your God, are zealous God, who I visit the badness of the parents in the children until a third and fourth generation of they annoy that me … Continue reading

Course Bachelor

(BRAZIL, 2005). How it can be observed, the law also foresees conditions of work for the health professionals, in national and state level, but what it lacks so that this if becomes a reality? Why the exclusion of this professional … Continue reading

Advances Politics

Thus, under distinct forms, the exclusion has presented characteristic common in the processes of segregation and integration that estimate the election, naturalizing the failure pertaining to school. In such a way, the world-wide movement for the special education in the … Continue reading

Management Gmb

Dipl.-ing. Eric Geppert is leading the project. The Federal Ministry of Economics and technology is funding the project on the basis of a decision of the German Bundestag. After the successful customer sampling in 2009 the Southern Russian market expands … Continue reading

Siemens Enterprise Communications

A convenient and secure solution that enables it, forgotten”to just reset passwords by biometric speaker authentication, provides the VOICE.TRUST technology. Munich, January 15, 2008 are spoken word pairs, from which the system of everyone can clearly verify basis for user-friendly … Continue reading