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Victor Wooed Julia

There once was a boy named Chivokunya. Fortune kissed him as a child in … well, you know where. And it was after 2-4 walker to "master" database director … Well, not a vegetable, and not military, but all the … Continue reading

VOI Association

( – Bonn, August 14, 2012. IT security and compliance in the DMS – / ECM environment are the focus of the new competence center of the VOI Association for organization and information systems The specialists are in this context … Continue reading

Center Questions

Review of questions around the themes of job Center, unemployment benefit II (ALG II and Hartz IV) you have problems with the job Center in regard to the unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV)? Issues such as the job center around … Continue reading

Connecting Worlds

Manage a production line with high quality and few or no obstructions, is only possible when all components interact seamlessly. This is why Directive Soft Announces the incorporation as a technological partner of the company Enco Enginyeria i Control SL. … Continue reading

Norman Mailer

is one of the great American writers of the twentieth century. Born in New Jersey in 1923, died in New York in 2007. Taking his own experience in the South Pacific during World War II, "The Naked and the Dead" … Continue reading

Bad Request<

Asset forest at family offices more popular a Hamburg-based family Office acquired currently ForestFinance an own Finca as a sustainable property investment. Sustainable management for 25 years is included in the purchase price. Especially a sustainable and environmentally sound management … Continue reading


Introduction: What is it Audit? Subject it audit is becoming increasingly popular in wide circles, let us be clear, what is the "Audit of it." In what situation someone thinks to conduct it audit? Usually, this: The work came new … Continue reading