Norman Mailer

is one of the great American writers of the twentieth century. Born in New Jersey in 1923, died in New York in 2007. Taking his own experience in the South Pacific during World War II, "The Naked and the Dead" was published when he was twenty-six. The battlefield, military action, the submission to the limit of human endurance are just a decoration, the excuse to delve into the atavistic, primal feelings of the human condition. Only in extreme conditions the person is shown as it is, seems to tell us Mailer. Each character with their strengths, limitations, phobias and neuroses, faces the events clearly showing his personality, the author adds to intelligent and brilliant flashback that describe the family environment and emotional labor in which each character lived immersed before joining . The death is fast and explosive, causing a great impression on the reader, but the action and life (survival) continue as if anything, making the body in the theft of a bad dream, a nightmare that everyone wants to end soon.

The reader sees on the head of all the characters in the story, the sword of Damocles that makes them liable to disappear at any moment, creating an unrest that keeps the focus on reading. The detail in the psychological treatment of the protagonists involved, at times, some slow progress of history. Arguably, this is a purely psychological novel in which Norman Mailer using extraordinary powers of observation and description, we shred a variety of possibilities, of all the existing human behavior. A great novel. Safe Creative # 0912035057891.

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