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Compulsory Statutory

Various insurance products offer different benefits in the statutory health insurance all insured citizens have health insurance by definition. The legal insurance is mandatory for certain insured no longer, because their income exceeds the limit of the compulsory insurance or … Continue reading

Fire Protection

Seminar ‘Damage in wind farms’ in the Haus der Technik wind turbines are high and exposed to strong winds, there are many moving parts and the electrical systems high – flow in short: without sophisticated measures of occupational safety and … Continue reading

The Fifth Venezuelan Republic

She is an car-organization of the system. If the conditions are the propitious ones for the global reorganization of the system, it is in front of a process of cultural revolution, which implies a rearrangement of the social field, political, … Continue reading

High Tech Label Control

New IT technology for consumer protection: etiquette test ensures that product and award match Karlsruhe, December 11, 2011. Labels on bottle, tube or box send often last purchase crucial message, as the product is, what it can, what it contains … Continue reading

United States Cars

“On weekends, there is the ‘Halloween ‘discount from 13 Euro per car rental Munich, October 26, 2010 (w & p) terrible nice discount at sunny cars over the Halloween Weekend: the car rental brokers grants by next Friday, October 29, … Continue reading