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South American President

Born on June 26, 1908 in Valparaiso who would be the first elected Socialist President of Chile and South America in 1970-73. His Government approached much to Moscow and Havana and nationalized companies and farms. USA, who waged wars in … Continue reading

The Renaissance

The attitude was very demure, women were limited to using their hair with a simple stripe in the Middle, and with braids that surrounded their heads. Not sought too change in the hair color because it wasn’t very well seen. … Continue reading

White Sand

Soon Fingolfin marched, with the majority of the Noldor. In its trip to Feanor a difficult test appears to him: to cross barren territories of Araman or to persuade to the Teleri so that they were united to them and … Continue reading

Center Force

From its center of explosion, that is why we turn away continuously primitive Center, this does not imply that away from downtown or the primitive origin we are close to an accident, in fact always have been exposed. What preserves … Continue reading

Vacation Photos

Amateur photographers can offer their photos in the online image agency Fotolia incurred during the holidays. Tips from practice increase the sales opportunities. New York / Berlin, 11 September 2013 the summer holidays are over and the fond Germans return … Continue reading

Ralph Siegel

The new album by Angela Wiedl – Christmas is the celebration of love it is this voice, which is not comparable, because she is so different than all other voices in the German musical world. And now she even the … Continue reading

Tom Hartman Elizabeth Hoffman

He says that Tom and the dog are irrelevant, and therefore he wants to shoot Maggy, but she escapes. Wade destroyed the second boat, and so they need to ride in a boat. Not abide the Brydal Creek, as planned … Continue reading

Flatiron Building

New York, and especially Manhattan, has some of the most unique neighborhoods and diverse in the world. Find what you seek, there is no doubt that you will find it in one of these amazing and interesting neighborhoods in the … Continue reading

Construction Management

Russian domain zone of Russia, where the possibility of domain names in Cyrillic, so far only tested. So it's unclear when the the use of Cyrillic domain will be well supported by all ISPs. Second, in the domain name can … Continue reading

North America

Such degradation represents a detriment the indispensable conditions the life, as the quality of waters and the fertility of ground. When the extration and the pollution reach levels of which the nature is incapable of reproduziz them in the same … Continue reading