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South American President

Born on June 26, 1908 in Valparaiso who would be the first elected Socialist President of Chile and South America in 1970-73. His Government approached much to Moscow and Havana and nationalized companies and farms. USA, who waged wars in … Continue reading

The Value Of The Goals In Our Lives

Goals in our life I want to publish extracts of a bill of sale that encontre in the Web and belongs to Mr. Jordys Gonza’les in its site Is really very revealing in the sense that hara to think to … Continue reading

Wake Object

When finally I left the quarter – trying to act but the normal thing that it could a look throws to him to tele and it asks: – one has moved? – Not. Swarmed by offers, shimmie horn triumph hotels … Continue reading

The Knowledge

We can include/understand the information like the interval between the data or observations that are easy to capture and to store and the knowledge that it requires of the people and their analysis, their capacity, its experience and his adaptability … Continue reading

Pascual Ruiz Huidobro

Similarly, it does not mean that several there small groups of interests, which would lead to believe in a great amount of supporters. The official estimated an inexcusable duty keep provinces from the silver to the monarchy and to Spain. … Continue reading

15 Years To Save Lives

Since then and to date, Parejo Jaime, the expert in canine rescue most recognized worldwide, has taught twenty-seven (27) courses official of training method bunker, where demonstrations and drills are made by the canine teams trained in such courses, so … Continue reading

The Renaissance

The attitude was very demure, women were limited to using their hair with a simple stripe in the Middle, and with braids that surrounded their heads. Not sought too change in the hair color because it wasn’t very well seen. … Continue reading

White Sand

Soon Fingolfin marched, with the majority of the Noldor. In its trip to Feanor a difficult test appears to him: to cross barren territories of Araman or to persuade to the Teleri so that they were united to them and … Continue reading

Acacias Camino A La Reform Catholic

With the intention of serving the truth, service to the regional media and the own Church hierarchy have not met enough righteousness; I would like clarity on the authenticity of the independent Catholic Church of Colombia, which is rooted to … Continue reading

Center Force

From its center of explosion, that is why we turn away continuously primitive Center, this does not imply that away from downtown or the primitive origin we are close to an accident, in fact always have been exposed. What preserves … Continue reading