Tom Hartman Elizabeth Hoffman

He says that Tom and the dog are irrelevant, and therefore he wants to shoot Maggy, but she escapes. Wade destroyed the second boat, and so they need to ride in a boat. Not abide the Brydal Creek, as planned by the family, they traverse dangerous hell Canyon, whose passing is prohibited. At night, Tom fetters can solve using Roarkes Swiss army knife. He wants to get the gun, but Wade hit him and followed him to the river. Tom climbs a rocky outcrop, but discovered him Wade with the flashlight and shoots. As Tom falls down, Wade is assumed to have shot him.

This turns out but later as a mistake. As a leader, who was friends with Gail, Wade, Gail, Terry and Roarke in the Gorge of hell looks, Wade shoots him, to avoid trouble. In the meantime, Tom has built up a design to bring the boat to capsize. After Gail and the others have crossed the Gorge of hell, Tom’s design manages to bring the boat to capsize. Wade and Terry fall out of the boat. Gail Terry’s arm breaks with an oar. She takes the revolver and Wade wants to shoot. But as she fires the gun is empty.

Wade wants to kill with a knife but Gail recognizes, that is still a bullet in the revolver, and the words Wrong thought, there is always a way”shoot her calf. The police fished Wade’s body out of the river and arrested Terry. In the last scene, you can see how Gail, Tom, Roarke and Maggy sit by the river and the sun shines on them. Teacher Gail and her husband Tom taking a rafting trip on a Lonely Mountain River with son mark, to put the failing marriage back in the slot. On their journey through the wilderness two opaque strangers join the companies, which turn out to be a fugitive murderer and take the family hostage. It comes to a murderous confrontation, in which the family ties prove stronger. Film data and cast: Meryl Streep: Gail Hartman Stephanie Swyer: Willa Joseph Mazzello: Roarke David Strathairn: Tom Hartman Elizabeth Hoffman: Gail mother Victor Galloway: Gail father Kevin Bacon: Wade John C. Reilly: Terry William Lucking: Frank Benjamin Bratt: leader Jonny directed by: Curtis Hanson screenplay: Dennis O’Neill, production: David foster, Lawrence Turman, music: Jerry Goldsmith, camera: Robert : Elswit cut David Brenner, Joe Hutshing – length, 108 minutes, FSK: 12 years

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