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The new album by Angela Wiedl – Christmas is the celebration of love it is this voice, which is not comparable, because she is so different than all other voices in the German musical world. And now she even the Festival of all festivals: Angela Wiedl 2011 finally presented a long-awaited Christmas album, which bears a title, which you can only sign on October 14 will appear in autumn/winter: “Christmas is the celebration of love”. For Angela Wiedl, the word love has a special meaning this year and thus also to the coming Christmas festivities: it will be the first Christmas as newlyweds with their Uwe! In the autumn the beautiful Munich going to marry the Chief of Shepherd, with which she was dating for several years. It will be a very private wedding, far away from Flash and hype. And also the Christmas so be it, and not only for them but also for their fans.

A bit nicer to make it, she has the most beautiful for the album “Christmas is the celebration of love” Christmas songs of all time and also a whole series of new melodies and lyrics Sung. There is of course also the swinging theme song “Christmas is the celebration of love”, which also serves as a first single. Written and produced he was just like the entire album by old master Ralph Siegel, with the Angela exactly 20 years ago their first successes was able to celebrate (“la storia della montagna”). Since then, the two industry leaders have way with each other a good and trust also in 2011 on the capabilities of the other. For the new recordings on the album “Christmas is the celebration of love” won lyricist legend Robert Jung as another creative head.

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