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The Question

The jnios, for example, defended that the diverse bodies were proceeding from an only substance. Tales it affirmed to be the water, the beginning of all the things; Anaximenes opposing itself it this conception, defended to be air and Anaximandro … Continue reading


Taken abroad to sit on a chair, lying on the couch and sleep on the bed. We have the courage of these functions took over the sofa. Therefore, it must be reliable, convenient and beautiful. Despite the apparent simplicity, the … Continue reading


The empirical changes in the conception of the eleata, did not pass of mere illusions. In the attempt to decide this shock between Parmnides and Heraclitus, Plato admitted the existence of two distinct realities: the intelligible world and the sensible … Continue reading

Different Forms Letters

Once we know how to interpret the individual images in tarot letters, we are ready to realise ours first distance of decks. But, by where beginning? With so many differences in the reading, due to which we want to know, … Continue reading

Central States

Thus, is not granted the States, processes and mental properties to have real existence. Therefore it is worth to conceptualize radical Behaviorism as a thesis of type eliminacionista. * To the extent that the mental does not exist, it is … Continue reading

Alka Seltzer

The need for external stimuli through a conception of existence probably produced by us adults in our failures have them delivered a world more suited to their dreams. Despite the success which we individually could reach we have incurred in … Continue reading

The Celestial Vault

My story notices to the Reader This is part of a personal thought that it inspired to me to reflect on a portion of subjects that guide and desregram the life of the human being. The stronger greater and of … Continue reading