The Celestial Vault

My story notices to the Reader This is part of a personal thought that it inspired to me to reflect on a portion of subjects that guide and desregram the life of the human being. The stronger greater and of the thoughts is concerning the love. This that lives active in the mouth of the people, where in the truth it remains inert, because of inside pra it are has a long way to tread itself, fact that the people finish enough well not observing for more back in the front if not disappointing. Another boarded less important thought in the story does not try to enter in the world of the hope and the dreams, two repletos worlds of mysteries and exterioridades, where a possibility capable exists satisfactorily to refute the desires most private in the life of a person. Everything this is an untiring search for answers, where I try to answer to my bigger yearnings, where my beliefs and ambitions all surround my universe of values. But attention, perhaps everything this that I have spoken either only what I want that you understand Eliakim Silva

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