Taken abroad to sit on a chair, lying on the couch and sleep on the bed. We have the courage of these functions took over the sofa. Therefore, it must be reliable, convenient and beautiful. Despite the apparent simplicity, the sofas are arranged quite difficult. On opening the sofa, we can find: the top floor, Dacron layer (substrate), polimussovy sandwich, jute cover the springs, the springs with an arched curve, polimuss with horsehair, metal, wooden structure, legs, stretch fabric, cardboard, cover with quilted polimussom and horsehair, latex, a layer of horsehair, the lever control folding, laminated springs, coiled springs, rigid rubberized fabric, twill, etc. Any couch begins with a skeleton.

Optimally, if it's made of wood. In this timber should be well dried. In the manufacture of upholstered furniture is allowed and the use of particle board, but these elements are necessarily protective cover edge that does not emit harmful substances of the day man. No less important divan room filling. Mechanism to convert the sofa into a bed, must be reliable and easy to circulation. Now apply a variety of devices, but they are divided into three main groups, and each has its advantages and disadvantages: – the easiest option – all the usual fold-out book. Properly done book does not require additional space. With a simple mechanism simply leans back, but if a manufacturer makes to your order at the high back sofa – a book, you will need additional space – between the back of the sofa and the wall – a clamshell mechanism, was born when soft furnishings imported from abroad.

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