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Employee Innovation Unit

This process is nowhere in the future will not, sooner or later it will end, and then those organizations that pay attention to intellectual property rights, will go forward. The process of managing intellectual continuous property of the organization, employees … Continue reading

Moroccan Marrakech Million

The people around Jose Joaquin Ripoll is often complain of marginalization that suffers from the province of Alicante by the Consell episodically. But there appears, on the basis of the figures for investment, that’s true. Let’s see: Terra Mitica, the … Continue reading

Space Center Rio De Janeiro

Its process of work consists of composing the images with the materials, unstable and normally perishable, on a surface and photographing them. In these series, the photographs, in limited editions, are the end item of the work. Its workmanship also … Continue reading

Digital Noise Reduction

So to compensate for the light-struck areas of the image video camera allows you to activate the inversion of bright illumination, which obscures the overexposed areas and makes apparent allied areas the frame. With this feature, if it enters the … Continue reading

Wide Field Planetary Camera

In addition to vampires, there are also "seek": these blue stars deserters taken away a lot from their stellar companions, faced with its neighbors, as if they are located in the heart of stellar crowding. A team of astronomers used … Continue reading


The name "Byzantine Empire", the state received in the writings of historians after his fall, for the first time a German scholar Hieronymus Wolf in 1557. The name derives from the medieval name of Byzantium, which stands for settlement, which … Continue reading

Coolest Balls

This game is fun, as partners, and the audience, therefore, it is present and aesthetic element. Billiards – irreplaceable means of recreation. He takes off built-up tension. Playing almost entirely diverted from the everyday trivialities and given exciting contest. Billiards … Continue reading


What is fiberglass? grp – universal material consisting of glass fiber impregnated with resin. What is glass all know a long time since we use it since the beginning of the 20th century. And what used tar? Everything depends on … Continue reading


The government with the bank was in charge to improve the financial system, facilitating soft credits to the industralists to modernize his machineries and the country rose. A simple formula and perhaps efficient that if it had been adopted consequently … Continue reading

Wychwood Brewery

Liter of beer is subject to customs duties of 61 rubles, plus recognized excisable goods, and that's a rate of 2.74 cent per liter of beer. Consequently, our bottle of Hobgoblin in Russia already costs 30 5 30.5 1.37 = … Continue reading