What is fiberglass? grp – universal material consisting of glass fiber impregnated with resin. What is glass all know a long time since we use it since the beginning of the 20th century. And what used tar? Everything depends on our requirements for the final result. And so a look. Resins with different temperature characteristics: 1.Zastyvaet at room temperature 2.Zastyvaet when heated. Resin itself is fragile, but the glass provides flexibility and strength. Fiberglass impregnated with resin mixed with hardener. Resin.

That affect the quality of the resin? Of course the manufacturer. What to consider when working with it – the circulation of air in the working indoors (in a simple ventilation). To obtain the products from fiberglass using a matrix. It provides better and faster solidification of the product. Matrix is placed in a drying chamber. The strength of the product depends on a large pressure and high temperature. Two main types of fiber: Cteklotkan and glass mat. Fiberglass – randomly arranged fibers.

It's easy and convenient in handling, since any form of perfect repeats of the matrix, unlike Fiberglass. Fiberglass is very thin (it steklovual) of it is possible to produce very complex parts, in which the surface with a large number of facets and sharp transitions. It can be thick (used very many layers of sheets), but this work is very laborious (we need a lot of time to pour each layer). Polikor – nonwoven fabric of continuous polyester fiber, containing in its structure mikrobalony. Its glued strips between layers of glass mat.

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