Space Center Rio De Janeiro

Its process of work consists of composing the images with the materials, unstable and normally perishable, on a surface and photographing them. In these series, the photographs, in limited editions, are the end item of the work. Its workmanship also if extends for other artistic experiences as earthwork and the involved questions in the register of these creations. IN 81 ' ' Christmas Book' ' annual of Neiman Marcus, in 2007, the purchasers could order for US$ 110,000 one of the chocolate pictures ' ' His & Hers' ' made for Muniz and to receive photographic a reproduction so great 60' ' X 48' ' of the work. Muniz donated the product of the sales for the Space Center Rio De Janeiro, a charity organization that works with art for children and poor adolescents in Brazil. According to Muniz, ' ' the poor persons need money. She is necessary to help them directly. I do not believe art politics.

To sensetize: you have the periodical for isso.' ' Muniz made an individual exposition in the University of Flowery South Contemporary Art Museum, in Cover, Flrida, currently called ' ' Vik Muniz: Reflex' '. This exposition, organized for the Museum of Art of Miami, was in exposition in the Seattle Art Museum and the PS1 Contemporary Art Museum in New York. Until January of 2008, the exposition was in exhibition in the Muse d' Art Compemporain in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). Muniz also published a book, ' ' Reflex – the Vik Muniz Primer' ' (2005: Aperture Foundation, New York), that it contains a compilation of its work and its commentary on it. Its work also was prominence in ' ' The Hours-Appearance Art of Contemporary Latin America' ' (2007), it shows presented in the Museum of Art Contemporary of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. In 30 of January of 2010, the set of documents ' ' Extraordinrio&#039 garbage; ' on work of Vik Muniz with catadores of garbage in Duke of Caxias was awardee in the Festival of Sundance.

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