Moroccan Marrakech Million

The people around Jose Joaquin Ripoll is often complain of marginalization that suffers from the province of Alicante by the Consell episodically. But there appears, on the basis of the figures for investment, that’s true. Let’s see: Terra Mitica, the lavish and failed project of Eduardo Zaplana, more than 200 million euros sunk are worn. On the other hand, the city of light, to which its last Director, Elsa Martinez, tries unsuccessfully to remedy, is another bottomless pit: each film that is wheel in their studies costs it you a kidney to our public coffers; and thank goodness that there are filmed few, since the producers prefer the advantages of location and price that offers Moroccan Marrakech square. The real Cinderella of public investments in the community is Castellon.

And it is not the judicial processes in which Carlos Fabra found whom have tempered his usual belligerence to claim them, but because the economic crisis which has affected with more intensity is this province. Mr Montesinos Jesus, expert and sufferer of Castellon avatars, reminded me the other day the superposition of the industry crisis (ceramic), agriculture (citrics) and tertiary (tourism). A disaster, in sum. Not long ago, even thought the megalomaniac project of leisure world illusion, but before the increase possible brick without occupants cemetery, the Consell de Francisco Camps took the timely measure to stop it. Still survives, however, the plan of a remote city of languages, within five years, in front of which stood makes five others to the former mayor Jose Luis Gimeno. And we see how far trust things in this community.

But, in addition, does for what that project when Salamanca and Granada are better prepared than us to teach the Spanish language? What many times is burying piles of money in activities of uncertain profitability. That also applies to the airport that is intended to inaugurate in the flat before the elections regional and municipal of May 22. Is an expense of more than 200 million logical when 39 of 48 Spanish airports have had deficit in the last financial year? Among them, we recall, it is the Manises, with operating losses of 1.21 million. That, without strikes for drivers, pilots, staff of Earth and the cancellation of flights by the Dutch volcano ashes. Only this last was 248,000 euros. I’m afraid to Castellon airport pass him to the phantasmagorical Ciudad Real, with capacity to 2.5 million passengers but only three weekly flights from Ryanair and, moreover, subsidized. In our case, as reminded the Secretariat of State for infrastructures, Inmaculada Rodriguez Pinero, the asignee paid 6 euros per each passenger less than the annual 600,000, with what the joke may escape us from a peak. They must exist, therefore, ways less spectacular but it is more useful to use the money from all the Valencians. And while the Council does not give them, Castellon, unfortunately, will continue to be the Cinderella of a story that, for now, has no happy ending.

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