American Fuel

It seems like everything looks good on world markets. Growing Asia, America and Europe. Confidently growing domestic market. On technology, the breakdown of 1755 points on the MICEX, we have the opportunity to go to the annual maximum. Oil, by strengthening tension in Libya, as it accompanies. It seems like there are many factors, for continuing the upward movement.

Nevertheless, I personally, will not increase the volume of securities in its portfolio until the situation with nuclear reactors in Japan not resolved. To date, we can not completely eliminate the negative scenario with the destruction of blocks “Fukushima”. In this case, the downward movement of global indices and the inevitable and quite noticeable. Just yesterday American and Japanese experts claimed the possibility of a critical scenario for “Fukushima-1 ‘due to the fact that the pools of spent fuel of the third and fourth reactors, no more water. The intensity of the radioactive radiation can increase dramatically due to heating fuel rods. Yesterday, rescuers began to use long-range water-jet gun. Today and hope to resume electricity supply to the plant, and hence the operation of the systems cooling.

Some believe that the situation in Fukushima much worse than Government Admits Japan. For example, an expert on nuclear issues at Imperial College London, Simon Walker has called the accident at Japanese nuclear power plants’ slow Chernobyl ‘. Like many Western experts, it considers the most critical next few days: if you fail to provide cooling of fuel rods, they melted, and it threatens to fire, and large-scale release of radiation. Japanese certainly to be admired, they do not complain about the fallen on them and suffer all the hardships bravely, without much emotion. Looting is virtually absent. Panic. They are organized and disciplined. Carefully accurately perform assigned tasks and instructions.

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