Different Forms Letters

Once we know how to interpret the individual images in tarot letters, we are ready to realise ours first distance of decks. But, by where beginning? With so many differences in the reading, due to which we want to know, which is really important is to have a clear objective in mind before beginning. As a example, we wished to know if our new relation will be good or we needed to know the consequences of some decisions that are taken with respect to our race. Therefore, it is necessary to define well what we wished to know before realising a distance of tarot. This last one can help us enormously to interpret the message of letters. There are some very common methods between the different and numerous techniques for the map reading of tarot. In fact, it is important that the reader uses whatever is to him more useful. Oppositely to the belief, a distance can be formed by a single naipe.

The same is known like a distance of the letter. However, the distance of three letters is more well-known and simpler to include/understand, since the first one naipe represents the past, the second, the present and the third party talks about the future. Another type of distance of tarot letters consists of twelve letters, that they are located in a circle to represent stars of the zodiac, and treceavo naipe it is placed in center. He is this one, often, significant, that is to say, the initial letter. Also we can mention the distance of deck in the form of horseshoe that, as it is possible to be guessed, is become ordained in a semicircle that consists of seven letters. The same are read of left to right and represent the past, the probable present, influences, obstacles, expectations, actions and results.

The distance in the form of star uses five letters to imitate a starred figure. Each naipe, read in sequence, is used to interpret what we see, which we cannot see, which can change, which cannot change and what it is possible to be hoped. Before the distance is realised, it is important that the tarot letters are shuffled well. Then, the letters distribute in the table mouth down and each is given to return, interpreting itself his meaning of individual way, before happening to the following deck. It is important to remember that if a letter leaves the other way around, its meaning is the opposite one.

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