Alka Seltzer

The need for external stimuli through a conception of existence probably produced by us adults in our failures have them delivered a world more suited to their dreams. Despite the success which we individually could reach we have incurred in positive hobby harass them sports, all kinds of adrenaline need educational alternatives. In the poorest sectors of the population this requirement comes obviously from other causes but is very similar, as the imperative need of income producing or assume early heavy family responsibilities. The ephemeral is sowing in the mentality of these times of intemezzo or interregnum. There live with such hurry and get the best at such a speed that own social processes conditioning seems to enjoy a non attractive slowness.

They leave quickly, are dissolved in water which Alka Seltzer, last a second in its consistency. In other cases, it is also obvious, they are trapped by old models, by the old conceptions and a devouring and without ideas pragmatism leads them directly to give himself body and soul to the known and apparently practical. It is the case of the leaders of the first large student movement against the present Venezuelan regime, gone almost all military matches traditional because without party political career cannot be done. They were devoured by the partidocracias in their hopes to use air from the youth rebellion as an instrument to posts of popular election. They leave the challenge quickly or because they are distracted with the immediacy of life that calls them to the benessere or personal satisfaction or by the belief that the illusion was futile, that it was simply a mirage and can not be true that filled them momentarily interesting, so he served only and simply for a moment of rebirth of a self-deception.

They are the most without missing that you remember about the supposed convenience of life and immediately return it safe, to what is known, provisions where previous generations are kept. The matter is not, then, a mere problem of the polling and its owners, processed by the absence of real politicians, in a sort of prophets or oracles that tell what to do. The issue is the invention of the Glue, clip, the element that amalgame and keep the enthusiasm awakened in a true force of change that arrives to the real and effective realization of the future incarnate in new ways of thinking and implementing the policy. Perhaps this discovery will depend on that the new world will be born or prolong the limbo of the interregnum and let’s look at youth dissolve again and again as an Alka Seltzer launched in a small water well remnant of a past that we get frustrated and degrades.

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