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Such degradation represents a detriment the indispensable conditions the life, as the quality of waters and the fertility of ground. When the extration and the pollution reach levels of which the nature is incapable of reproduziz them in the same measure where it is dispossessed of its qualities, from there the manifestations of the ambient crisis. These manifestations exhaustingly had been emphasized in the capitalist relations. In the existence of this model two characteristics of social aggravation are accented, the poverty and the population growth. The poverty (contemporary) in the generality was acerada by the unemployment, and the absence of work, provoked (also) for the technological development, known factor as technological unemployment that would be the substitution of the alive work for the performance of the machines (in such a way in the city how much in the field).

Already also inserted the population growth in the hall of social anomalies, had cause obviously and consequence. Nature is impracticable it to hold the radical increase of the population, this increase generates a conflict in the ecosystem, this possesss limited capacity of extration and absolution of dejections, thus, any species that to present a robust growth, inevitably will be creating an ecological disequilibrium. (FOLADORI) But it is standed out that this disequilibrium would not be being forcene mere for the population growth, but for the responsibility of the capitalist relations. The developed nations of the North America (U.S.A. and Canada) generate an energy consumption, on average, ten times superior to the consumption of Africa and Asia, however three times possess a tax of inferior demographic growth the had comparison (FOLADORI, 1999:32). According to Foladori, the poor population in the world increased (in last the 50 years of last century) arriving 22.8% of the world-wide population, however the criterion used age of income, up to 370 dollars per year, what it could be considered as needy, although the exchange fluctuation.

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