South American President

Born on June 26, 1908 in Valparaiso who would be the first elected Socialist President of Chile and South America in 1970-73. His Government approached much to Moscow and Havana and nationalized companies and farms. USA, who waged wars in Viet Nam, and cold not tolerated him, and encouraged a coup (which established a dictatorship that would initiate economic liberalization in the hemisphere). For the hard left Allende fell because he would not expropriate the capitalists and assembly workers. Instead, for his disciples Lakes and Bachellet, he was overthrown by adapting to the ultras and cause right.

Why accepted monetarist program planted by Pinochet, they promote FTAs and pressuring the new leftist Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador Governments so that they do not radicalicen. Today, however, still no South American President has adopted a profile so left-handed as he was Allende. There is also no bipolarity and the U.S. seek to stop the izquierdizacion of the Bolivarian favoring more legal options that Gorilla coups. Original author and source of the article.

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