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Russian domain zone of Russia, where the possibility of domain names in Cyrillic, so far only tested. So it's unclear when the the use of Cyrillic domain will be well supported by all ISPs. Second, in the domain name can not contain spaces. Thirdly, it is technically not allowed to use any other characters, except dashes and underscores. These symbols are often used by companies whose names consist of two words, so if your version when writing together busy, maybe you have two more attempts. Now let's talk about aesthetic aspect.

Priorities can be arranged like this: The domain should be as short and easy to remember. rd Jr, then click here. You can use alphanumeric reduction, for example,, which in this case means 'Construction Management 155'. Popular newspaper 'Hand in Hand' has registered domain names by the first letter, a very compact. Or consider the case of partial reduction and the creation of new words from Parts of the old: – the domain name belonged to the company 'Ritual Architecture Ltd'. But if you still can not come up with a short name when registering a domain name, you can use English words, directly from name is not related, for example, the company OOO 'Escort', which provides service to 'Sober Driver', chose to register the domain. In this situation, the domain does not reflect the company's name, but the essence of its services. Or if you a sole proprietor, a master painter, an artist, you have the opportunity to try to register the name or the name and surname as a domain, for example,, and as I wrote above, may also be options, or. If you still have tried all possible options for the correct English spelling, and all are still employed, can offer to do all the above-described procedure again, but without taking Russian words and concepts in English, and using transliteration. For example, a shop Ltd.

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