White Sand

Soon Fingolfin marched, with the majority of the Noldor. In its trip to Feanor a difficult test appears to him: to cross barren territories of Araman or to persuade to the Teleri so that they were united to them and supplied to them with a fleet to cross the wide sea. It thought, in addition, that if the Teleri were united the greatness to them of Valinor he would be smaller, and that idea set afire its revolt and inflamed its ego, because it wanted to punish to Valar, and also saw now nearer the defeat of Morgoth. The Teleri lived in White Sand beaches. They were relatives of the Noldor, and creators of the white wood boats (one of these boats, done by Cirdan, went the ship that took to Frodo to the Earth of the Elfos at the end of the Return of the King) Feanor requests aid to them, but nothing than it says to them moves to the Teleri. They were caused sorrow by the march of its relatives, and tried to persuade them, but they refused to lend its boats to them. And in one of the bloodiest episodes in the history of the Elfos, the Noldor attacks their friendly the Teleri; elfos face elfos, and the one that before outside a pacific land of white sand beaches becomes now red with the spilled blood.

Three times ships attack Noldor trying to empower of by force, and three times are repelled, until they receive the aid of Fingon, that goes to aid to them with the vanguard of the followers of Fingolfin, without knowing why of this it battles. Before this atrocity some of which they left Valinor return against the House of Feanor and resign to the arms, deciding to return to the Kingdom Blessed under the aegis of the Ainur. This it is the case of Finarfin, to that they give the government him of the Noldor. The following divisions happen between the Noldor, and also within the House of Feanor as a result of the Oath. First of them it by chance takes place when Feanor leaves Fingolfin, leaving it, that it must decide if it prefers to return to humiliated Valinor or to cross the terrible frozen places where it waits the death to him. The treasons, envies and separations survive the death of Feanor, and finish both with last children of Feanor, Maeglor and Maedhros, whom they had in his power two of the Silmarils, because the third party took Earendil to it as a lantern in its Vingilot boat, and his destiny went the one to ascend to skies. But Maeglor and Maedhros, consumed by the pain that to them the Jewels of their father produced, included/understood to the aim that did not belong to them, and who the oath did not serve don’t mention it, reason why they decided to undo of they: they threw it to one to the fire of the entrails from the Earth, and the other to the sea. Thus the three finish Silmarils, one in the sky, one in fires of the heart of the world, and one at heart of the sea.

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