Center Force

From its center of explosion, that is why we turn away continuously primitive Center, this does not imply that away from downtown or the primitive origin we are close to an accident, in fact always have been exposed. What preserves the stability of our Galaxy is the fact that the force of the origin draws us and finally force attracts us since the end of the universe is the emptiness. These two forces nullify the powerful force and allows the balance by party and party. We always think that bodies move in space, the space also moves in the bodies. The universe in the emptiness and the void in the universe, because time is one of the gaps in this dimension. In other universes time does not exist, there is an absolutely zero force. 11 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo to Aristarchus of Samos we owe the work dimensions and distances of the Moon and the Sun to the Earth, determines fairly accurately the relative magnitudes of the Sun and the Moon, but the most interesting are works in which implies that all movements of the celestial sphere are so understandable if one admits that the Sun is at the center of a planetary system and that the! planets revolve to her around. ! The great discovery of Aristarchus of Samos was forgotten and only 1800 years later, Copernicus and Galileo restituted the discovery to science.

young people in time to study, do not lose time, because they say that the honour is exposed to thousand humiliations and indignities, and more when we are born in the layer of the marginal society. A an a. If without expecting anything in return, we dedicate ourselves to literature and science. Because such passion is so great, that we little understand. I hope that they are proper the doctrine of Anaximenes, which exposes that movement produces the transformations in the universe and that without this nothing was transformed, thanks to the movement phenomena of nature can be appreciated.

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