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Review of questions around the themes of job Center, unemployment benefit II (ALG II and Hartz IV) you have problems with the job Center in regard to the unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV)? Issues such as the job center around the ALG II (Hartz IV) I discuss under lawyer and in short articles. In the articles I name links to the relevant legislation in the data banks of the ministries of Justice. I discuss the social judgments and values the judgments to the ALG II and to the Hartz IV. I call also usually left to the judgments in the databases of the Federal and State Governments. The article to the job Center, the ALG II and Hartz IV are stored in the archive of “Subsistence guarantees for job seekers”. Whether it concerns credits and reimbursement of expenses invoices, the suspensive effect of an objection or a complaint, regarding the calculation of assets, questions regarding the taking into account of income, the unreasonableness of the employment, the articles can be questions asked and comments made. Like I take questions to the job Center and The ALG II (Hartz IV) on.

So far I have addressed in the archives of basic security for jobseekers following questions: 1. the concept of the community of of need for in 7 para 3 and 3A SGB II 2. costs of accommodation in accordance with section 22 SGB II financing of the condo 3. size of the apartment, height of the Wohngeldes services to “Hartz IV”; 4. consequences of the judgment of the Bundessozialgericht by December 16, 2008, B-4 AS 70/07 R 5 basic provision for jobseekers income taking into account inflow principle – 6. On the appropriateness of the accommodation expenses in accordance with section 22 paragraph 1 S. 1 SGB II, in particular to the apartment size 7 effect of the objection and the complaint against a change in the social security law, 86 and b SGG 8 presumption of the need for Community pursuant to 7 para 3 a no.

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