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Entitled To A Nursery Place:

Compensation has decided the higher administrative Court of Rhineland-Palatinate for parents for not granting a day nursery place in its recent judgment that the costs of obtaining self a “spare”slot”in the establishment of a private initiative of the parents may … Continue reading

Which Ride Book Is Right For Me?

How reliable will travel books return your money? How reliable will travel books return your money? The time for handwritten logbooks belongs to the past. All too easily error creeps in this method, just waiting for the financial authorities. According … Continue reading

Pension Commitment

Entrepreneurial risks from occupational pensions most big business in Germany use the implementation way of the pension commitment for pension for their employees. Many smaller and medium-sized companies rely on this form of company pension schemes, in particular for its … Continue reading

Federal Court

This was now unable to work and referred by his Daily allowance insurance (due to the tariff, it should be the DKV) a sickness benefit. Because the disease very long and stretches, action until a donor organ in sight, not … Continue reading

Schafer Attorney

A termination by your employer get cancellation agreement, termination, compensation, employer termination, settlement agreement, involuntary termination, behavioral termination, person-related dismissal, dismissal proceedings have? He founded it? Get help. A dismissal for operational reasons may be attacked in most cases and … Continue reading

Center Questions

Review of questions around the themes of job Center, unemployment benefit II (ALG II and Hartz IV) you have problems with the job Center in regard to the unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV)? Issues such as the job center around … Continue reading

Schiller Street

At the first instruction of new default staff the Organization as well as the contacts of the work and health in the operating are in addition to the General and workplace-related content to convey. In addition, the new employees about … Continue reading