Family Undertakings Must Comply With Some In The Succession

The SME consultation Untersberg from Oberhausen informs the succession of a business is generally as one of the most difficult tasks. Additional factors play an important role in family business. Often regulating the succession in family business is often so difficult that fails the family business. The processes for succession planning are subject to a certain dynamism and many aspects are to be observed. The consultant Ursula Unterberg Wegener from Oberhausen informed some aspects that need for attention. The emotionality for internal family decisions should not be underestimated is a difficult process in which not only tax, legal and financial aspects play an important role to find a suitable successor within families. Families can make decisions usually detached of emotion. The best decision for the company in terms of succession headed by personal wishes, opinions and feelings often do not hit can be.

Follow-up may not be subjective standards not objective-driven decisions are also often bring the succession in a family-owned company to fail. Not only external successor must be subject to certain criteria. Just within the family the sense and not qualifying to determine risk. This is a fatal mistake and leads to serious problems. For this reason also the internal successor shall be subject to the same objective criteria as an external successor, because only then is guaranteed a successful continuation of the company. Problems within the family can jeopardize the succession conflicts in families are not uncommon. Often they expire subliminally.

These can block many succession processes, because incorporated emotions, which are not with the succession in context, but this impact. Problems be addressed especially in phases, in which decisions are taken that affect the entire family. Especially in the Succession is a bad time, therefore, everything should be clarified in advance of the search of a successor or should a decision be made even then objectively. So all these aspects do not obstruct a successor, it is useful to draw a competent consultant review. He has an objective look and prevents mistakes.

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