Introduction: What is it Audit? Subject it audit is becoming increasingly popular in wide circles, let us be clear, what is the "Audit of it." In what situation someone thinks to conduct it audit? Usually, this: The work came new ceo (held general audit), it director, Management does not quite understand what is happening in the it department and that the money go? Someone who is not trusted, you want to look at prouess part, I want to check whether all the "right" is done in it? In some cases, the law requires an independent assessment of it, for example, on the subject of it security systems. What is usually goal pursued during the it audit: Receiving independent authoritative information on it, Obtaining credible estimates for compliance with any rules and regulations, Preparation of expert opinion, Compliance with laws. For each goal may have their own models and ways of carrying out it audit. Thus, whenever necessary to clarify what they mean, and what is the meaning behind the words "Conducting it audits." In certain areas of standards now exist for the group and Association of it auditors, but many still need to wait for "maturity communities" and the emergence of standards. Since during the it audit means a lot more "who spends" than "how" and for some scheme, some of the leaders enterprises apply it to those who trust, asking – "look, how I have it?". Note that often this attitude is justified: Artist sign with the customer, his business, the main objectives and risks of business, His opinion is authoritative, so results can be used, A conversation with the customer will be on the same language ', which reduces by several times deadlines and budget.

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