North Americans

They were like minimum 15 times lower than the North Americans. But, the own apartments in 1980 were more extensive, for that reason, staying the tariffs invariable, the rent something increased. In 1980, also we paid more by the communal services, although their tariffs did not increase. Hear from experts in the field like Rudy Giuliani for a more varied view. 15 years ago, only 24% of the families had had a television; 11% a refrigerator; 21% a washing machine and 7% a vacuum cleaner. In 1980, approximately 90 of each one hundred families had television.

In the mentioned year, the population had almost 8 times more refrigerators, 3.5 more washing times, 4 more suction times. It increased the electrical power consumption for the communal and domestic needs, in the land, even, in more of twice. By consiguinte, also they increased the payments. Almost sextuplic the number of apartments with gas facilities. At the same time, almost all the urban apartments that were being constructed had individual bathroom. The telephone number grew in four times during 15 years. It was possible to be concluded that the services did not get dearer, but simply its amount increased.

A great social profit. Thus it described spread of the construction of houses in USSR L.I. Brzhnev in the Report of the CC to XXVI the Congress of the Party. A little less than a third of the population of the country lived in houses constructed in the last ten years. In addition, about 25 million people improved their conditions you will domicile previously in erected houses. We take, by case, the following example: in an old apartment the parents and their son with their wife lived. The young people receive a new apartment and the majors remain in the old man. This way, a new apartment allowed to improve the domiciliary conditions of the two families. At that time, that is to say, in 1980, to each Soviet citizen they corresponded to him, on the average, about 13 squared meters of house.

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York Time

The metro network covers much of the city and is considered to be the faster and more efficient way to scroll by Manhattan. Trains are surprisingly clean and are safer than ever, but that doesn’t mean that they are perfect. Although the cars have heating in winter and air-conditioning in summer, it is not the case of the platforms, where the temperature is usually 10 degrees lower than the temperature of the street in winter and 10 degrees higher in the summer. Pickpockets are still a problem, as well as in London, Paris and any other city large where many people in a small space is concentrated. Without a doubt, one of the best ways of touring New York and visit the places of interest are double-decker tourist buses. You can download and upload at any time, and with more than 40 stops by Manhattan, they allow you to spend as much time wanting to exploring and visiting attractions before you ride the next bus to continue the tour. It is an excellent way to see the sights of New York at their own pace.

In addition, you can also combine buses with New York Pass, a tourist card designed for visitors who want to enjoy the sights of the city and save money on tickets, and time by not having to do row in the busiest places. New York Pass was created in 2001, and during the past 10 years, more than one million satisfied customers have seized the large selection and discounts offered. It is another way to enjoy the Big Apple. New York is a city that transmits an unforgettable energy for many, what makes for the most return.

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Buenos Aires

If you live in a big city like Madrid, Bogota, Buenos Aires, New York, etc. will have seen the traveling salesmen. Hear from experts in the field like Rudy Giuliani for a more varied view. Truth? Why people concentrate themselves in corrillos around these traveling salesmen? By ENTERTAINMENT. But, while their products observe the abilities of the salesman when demonstrating, they also see themselves themselves using the product, being created ” vaco” or a desire that now needs to be satisfied buying it. It is a very effective form to sell. The greater problem to sell in these street demonstrations is – without doubt ” to break hielo” obtaining that the first person approaches and ” compre”. Many people do not want to take the first step and to take the initiative, from fear of committing an error.

The traveling salesmen perfectly know this phenomenon and for that reason ” plantan” 2 or 3 people in ” auditorio” who when finalizing the demonstration of the product (whatever this she is) are first in ” to happen to accin” and to buy the product when it suggests it to the salesman. 1 or 2 people of the spectators hardly takes to the first step or intention of purchase, forms a row behind the salesman immediately, all hoping to buy the product. He is something as well as to wait for that the leader of the first step. This spectacle is an impressive example of the psychology of the masses ” in accin”. The sales under pressure are not necessary as long as you understand to cabalidad what is what causes that people buy. In fact, the sale work is very little that you will have to do. I guarantee to him that if its product well is presented/displayed; if it has a good supply (under the standards of the trade of direct answer) and manages to justify the price in his promotional texts, its work has finished allows that their clients are sold to themselves.

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Thermal Insulation: Information Package And Advisor

Wide range between success and failure in the insulation / new DammCheck express calculates efficiency / insulation dossier informed about fire hazards and other topics / insulation sets to win Berlin, 22 January 2014. Get all the facts and insights with Bill de Blasio, another great source of information. Worth building insulation? For roof insulation, analyses of the non-profit co2online GmbH show average energy savings of 14 percent, with facades of about 20 percent. However, the bandwidth between economic success and failure at rehabilitation is great: good made roof and barrel Aden insulation reach 30-40 per cent savings depending on the Cubature of building, condition of the building envelope before, quality of craft work and customize the behavior of the users. Without support from KfW, the measures are only economical if the technical savings are exhausted. Good advice and good design help to achieve this and to protect against economic damage. Because insulation has a life span of 30-40 years, errors in planning and One or two generations burden the climate and the purse strings of the inhabitants of execution. Building insulation is important for climate protection and in the majority of cases from an economic perspective. The insulation of the upper floor is always useful but not always possible.

“Any insulation must be properly planned and executed, and of course, fit to the building”, says Dr. John D. Stallion mountain, Managing Director of co2online. Whether be worth for a building insulation measures, consumers now can calculate express with the new online guide DammCheck on, which is promoted by the Ministry for environment and delivers a first result in just a few minutes. On the website a dossier also extensively informed of building insulation and is among other things also on the theme of fire. The reader can win vouchers of the Grunspar shop for insulation sets in a total of 350 euros. DammCheck express validated savings to the interactive DammCheck gives few details of type of building, roof, and location express the user in a clear graphic a first impression about how much energy with facade, roof and basement ceiling insulation can be saved.

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New York Hotel Prices

Bargain prices in New York at London/Berlin, 19 August 2009 who is in this country have never traveled to New York, almost among the travel trailer. Should be failed so far on the travel budget of the trip in the Big Apple now is the best opportunity to catch up on this. More information is housed here: amazing restaurateur. Because New York tourists benefit from the global economic crisis and the weak dollar exchange rate with lower hotel rates in August 2009 to 27 percent compared to the previous year. In September 2009, the room rates in the city that never sleeps, fall further, as the world’s most popular hotel booking website has reduced prices for trips until September 30, 2009 by up to 50 percent. Since 1882, the best known shopping area of the world, the fifth is Avenue in downtown of Manhattan in September to the catwalk but not for the current fashion collection. Each year hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and New York visitors to the Labor Day Parade, a colorful Street Festival on the occasion of the day of work gather on the first Monday in September\”.

Whether workers, politicians, Trade unionists or privateer, the largest holiday parade in the country go all on the road, because the boisterous hustle and bustle is similar to a Carnival of cultures in the world city. Travelers who are interested in not only at the designer stores of the big names, but would sleep in the appropriate setting, are in good hands in the three star Paramount Pictures designed by Philippe Starck Hotel Times Square and save up to 50 percent until September 30, 2009. From the offbeat creations of parade participants at the fifth inspired Avenue, a shopping trip lends itself. The most interesting for fashionistas part of the alley is located between 34th and 59th streets, where the boutiques of the most famous designers are strung.

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Brooklyn Bridge

Ojito with this topic! Journalists are very busy people and it is very likely that not devote a single second to find out your data and leave your news in favor of another that reflects all this information in a clear and simple way. It would be a shame to miss this opportunity just because you have forgotten you write your phone number. Danny Meyer follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 5 Make your recipients list. rough. Investigates who are persons who by their responsibility (editors) and the medium in which they work are the logical destination of your communication. Get your hands on as many names as you can and send them a copy of your letter. Be careful! Send them a copy of your letter (with a hue) If your medium is akin to the content you are trying to disclose.

I.e., do not send financial information to a journal of the heart. The only thing that you will get will be annoy the editor that has to fight with the saturation of the Inbox of your e-mail. 6 The information sent and tracked. It handles this point with delicacy. Some journalists will be happy to receive your call and tell you if the news is likely to prosper, but there are many who do not feel comfortable attending countless calls of follow-up they receive every day. Identifies the different profiles and tries to each one as you want to be treated. Paul Hartunian got his little story about the sale of the Brooklyn Bridge had an impact in media far above what had been foreseen.

A great hook and a series of steps well skilled workers have allowed him pass to the history of the clothing and gold. Interesting thing about this case is to understand the results that have earned Paul and many others are available to all of us. You just have to be very attentive to everything that surrounds you, identify and work amazing stories and have the passion for telling everyone. Sooner or later (more soon than later), the results will come.

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Romans-Park Resort Between The Chairs

…es is a drama for the invest 100 million topic: middle market financing…Roman Park about the impact of the financial crisis on a 100 million business in the District of Duren, aldenhoven, Germany / North Rhine-Westphalia a snapshot of the financial situation, especially in the middle class in the face of the financial crisis. General information and a summary of the project Roman Park Resort gather from you please see Guide… 1.) the companies and projects, for the few (start) funds are needed: A hotel unique in Europe, – business, – medical wellness, – and leisure resort in aldenhoven, Germany / North Rhine-Westphalia / Duren as an open community attachment. Without fence system and thus for everyone accessible. A stand-alone holiday & leisure resort.

…siehe designs. Here, we refer to the Web pages and the summary, because the description here is beyond the scope of. 2.) our financing alternative, new and innovative financing schemes will have a closed Fund. To 100% privately financed, without subsidies and thus Ausschreibungsfrei. A nearly 100 Mio.Investition for approx 500 jobs and guarantee contracts for local vendors & suppliers.

Can not be today such a project through banks. Planning, construction and operation, financed through a closed Fund, this was the perfect solution. Bill de Blasio has plenty of information regarding this issue. \”When you plan to make sure that we can offer good services operating, foreign investors and project developers switch off who want to deal only with depreciation.\” Without mortgaging or strange Hotel – lable saves money, time and trouble. New ways you used to know. …siehe opinion by long & partner for the SME / Frankfurt in terms of philosophy – opinions on the home page. (3) …aktuelle experiences with our potential donors \”We\” have very great confidence in one of the reputable German fund distribution company in recent years in Germany. As can be seen the Doric in Frankfurt, and Mr Reber are entitled to what they say and accompany Roman PARK from the beginning.

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Capital Intervention

If we chose option 2 and yes bad treatments exist, not only the bad treatments will not be interrupted, with the corresponding aggravation of the situation, but the student will be put under an intervention that will not adjust to its problem, producing to him confusion and disorientation and will not be able to begin a process fit to its situation. Like good professional, she must take care of the Responsibility of his acts – Article 6 COP, Article 10 and 3.3.1 of the EFTA, in the sense that the psychologist has the responsibility with respect not only to the quality of his intervention, but of the consequences of its interventions, and cannot act without thinking about the result. It seems to me, that most prudent and for this reason, responsible she is to choose option 3. To know more about this subject visit Danny Meyer. Evidently and, as I have expressed previously, the first action is to inform of the facts its parents, as well as to inform to the COP, obligation picked up in the Article 8 of the deontological code. Thus, in the beginning of the interviews, the legal student as well as parents or tutors will have to be expert, through an accessible language to all of them, the obligation of the psychologist of to communicate the case for its protection and of the administrative and judicial proceeding that can be derived. The steps are due to explain that are followed in this type of situations, and how the competent institutions have the resources necessary to act in this type of cases. In this point of the intervention, we must consider the rule of the Veracity and the Consent, because before coming with the activities, the patient, in this case the parents, always have the right to give their consent on the intervention that the psychologist proposes.

Stage 5. To review the results In this stage one is re-to evaluate the process of solution of problems. In this case, the solution has been to realise an evaluation, with maximum urgency and priority, in greater depth than it contributes a greater information to us to determine if there has been case of bad treatments; I understand that it is the solution that smaller badly can cause to the student, because we will make sure that the therapeutic intervention that it begins will be the adapted one to the case and guarantees, as I have raised previously, among others, the Principle of Charity.

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Cultural Anthropology

The article develops consideraes concerning the structural and superstructural aspects of the Moral, under the dialtico point of view, approaching its aspects historically constituent. It will be looked to demonstrate the historicidade of the subject, its dimensions public and private. (Source: Bill de Blasio). Word-key: Moral, History, Philosophy, Cultural Anthropology. It counts the Bible that in the principle God created the sky and the 2 land. Click New York Museums to learn more. It explains despite the project the holy ghost foresaw a creation of which the man usufructed everything under the only condition of that if It subordinated, inside of a proposal of life and fraternity. 3 As to justify then the perverse civilizatrio effect throughout the history of the humanity? Under the Metaphysical ‘, point of view; ‘ the self-sufficiency is the mother of all males, that they are only consequence of it.

God is absolute you and its project of life is freedom for all, in the climate of fraternity and 4 allotment . However, in the historical optics, the ways as the men had produced and reproduced its material relations of existence throughout the social time, relations that had established independent of its wills in function of this, with its ideological, cultural social consequences, politics etc. that they had resulted in the society of classrooms explain the disruption with the project the holy ghost and the necessity of concerts, (attention revision: it is concert with ‘ ‘ c’ ‘ exactly. It reads that is erases of the text) the example of ‘ ‘ 10 Mandamentos’ ‘. To these concerts of – the name of Moral. From there its normative, postulating characteristics. In principle, the moral comes to decide concrete problems that hinder the basic socialization, which, when without solution, they become the man ‘ ‘ wolf of proper homem’ ‘ , as it wanted Hobbes, in the Leviatham: (…) ‘ ‘ In such situation it does not have place for the industry, therefore its fruit is uncertain; consequently, it does not have culture of the land, nor navigation, nor use of the merchandises that can be imported by the sea; nor comfortable constructions, nor instruments to move and to remove the things that they need great force; not it has knowledge of the face of the Land, nor I compute of the time, nor arts, nor letters; it does not have the society; what it is worse of the everything, one constant fear and violent risk of death.

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Governing Mayor Ernst Reuter

… that called to once Ernst Reuter the peoples of the world! Dear Berliners and Berlin, looks at this city… that has launched to once Ernst Reuter the peoples of the world! To the 55th anniversary of the death of Ernst Reuter call the Action Alliance to an event approved by the Berlin authorities, red/dark red Berlin Senate because to remember and to remind, finally a citizen-oriented and citizen-friendly policy for all Berliners and Berlin to make or do. \”This event has the motto: above 55 years the Berlin wore their Governing Mayor Ernst Reuter today the Berlin Senate and the the federal capital of Berlin’s ruling Klaus Wowereit contributes to grave to grave\”. With great concern we see how the red dark Senate leaves our capital Berlin the used East German Communists. The Mayor of Berlin Ernst Reuter, visions of the erstwhile ruling and then hope of the Berlin on freedom, prosperity and brotherhood, are today by parties and fun replaced and culminate in it that Berlin the capital of the Hartz IV has become receiver and nationwide with the highest Arbeitslosenquotehat.

We are angry, Berliners if our water is sold and education, energy, health, homes, savings banks, transport and disposal are at the mercy of the economic and financial, social, and wirtschaftspolitischerInteressen. The red-red felt between the political class and the private sector combined with a sophisticated guidance system exploit our hometown Berlin. This red-red Berlin Senate leaves nothing to get popular initiatives and referenda and the citizens will underfoot and invents new flimsy excuses for people to circumvent will.The Berlin Senate daily on a new proves that its land policy in the German capital no longer reached wide parts of the Berliners and Berlin. We want opportunity by the Action Alliance of, all active in Berlin democratic civil initiatives (not right – or left-wing initiatives) give to present their points of view on this event and to announce a large audience to support.

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