How To Choose Flowers While Saving

I guess everyone thought when buying flowers, how to choose fresh flowers as an inexpensive buy a beautiful bouquet. Buy flowers is not difficult, but you need to buy fresh flowers that will be a long time to please the eye of the recipient. There are some subtleties in the choice of flowers and florists use them to sell low quality goods. This is not due to the fact that all florists are unscrupulous sellers, but only because if not the whole body condition to throw, the landlord does not receive profits, and the seller pay. We will explain the main points on which you should pay attention when choosing a product. When choosing roses: 1) roses should be tight no slack bud (it is said, that she rose and otpilas fresh) 2) The bud should be a shirt (shirt – two small, not flat at the bottom of the petal bud. No shirt rose quickly cutting and will not stand for long) 3) Foliage from roses should be fresh and not hang like a rag. 4) It is also often There are rotten petals in bud.

When choosing a tulip: 1) The first sign is not fresh tulips yellow foliage. 2) You must watch the crown of the tulip, it should not be dry and clear. When choosing a Bouquet: The most complex with a choice of colors is to choose fresh flowers. Since the florists are poor rose so as not to put in a bunch kick. The bouquet can hide many flaws roses. For example a bad rose can be put on the lashes (packaging bud Rose), thereby hide dead rose. Often, vendors use different glosses to hide the real type of rose.

Highlights from the choice of bouquet: 1) bouquet of medium size should be no less than 1,000-1,200 rubles. (A good bunch of fresh roses cheaper cost can not). Cheaper options for this flowery bouquets of roses cellophane on the eyelashes or turned inside out. These roses have long been dead! 2) It is also often not a fresh product is selected by the color of packaging in the background, which is not visible defect colors.

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