Federal Privacy Act

Ask your questions openly and evaluate then for yourself, whether you feel reliably serviced. And one final note: take a close look at the photos of the escort ladies. The impact these artificially retouched? If so, let the fingers of might be better. Should an agency only dream girls”(according to external characteristics) under contract have, so you should ask yourself whether the ladies (visually speaking) to fulfil also their claim in terms of cultivated conversation, style and etiquette. You move in an upscale environment your attendant should be able to move also similarly elegant in this environment. EDITORIAL: WHO ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS? IF I FLIP A CLOSE LOOK AT THEIR FEE LIST, THEN CAN THE ONLY DOCTORS, LAWYERS AND EXECUTIVES BEING…

LENA: Granted, not everyone can afford really support a libertine Lady. But you’re wrong, with the adoption of “that only the upper ten thousand” at the libertine. We have some customers who save more on a date. Why? Because they want to meet a personal desire. But of course, gentlemen with rather high income belong increasingly to our clientele. “EDITORIAL: KEYWORD DISCRETION”: AS A CUSTOMER I AM PROMPTED OFTEN YES WHEN BOOKING, TO GIVE VERY PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT ME.

WHY ACTUALLY? LENA: Here I can only speak for my agency. When libertine, these data serve solely to ensure a reliable date, and to ensure the safety of the libertine-ladies. We need to know who our customers are and are therefore mandatory for every request to the correct specification of important personal data. Of course, all information of our clients are strictly confidential and never disclosed to third parties. This committed-only at the Rande-, including the Federal Privacy Act. EDITORIAL: THEY OFFER ALSO HOME VISITS? LENA: No. Home visits to us are generally not possible for security reasons. EDITORIAL: NOW EVEN SUPPOSE THAT IT COMES TO A MEETING. AS A CUSTOMER HAVE I IMAGINED THE LADY BUT VERY DIFFERENT. CAN I USE THE MEETING IN THIS CASE EVEN CANCEL? LENA: Of course. Typically one finds very quickly, usually within the first ten minutes, whether it is nice or not. It should really happen that it simply does not fit, that is no problem at all. As a customer you should be then simply open to raise your concerns clear. Of course the libertine lady has the same right. EDITORIAL: IS THIS EVER HAPPENED BEFORE? LENA: Yes, within four years exactly two times. EDITORIAL: LENA, I THANK YOU FOR THE CONVERSATION. LENA: Gladly.

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