Energetic Basis

Our visible material world consists of invisible physical energy. Sure all have heard before, that is the smallest intangible part of our everyday physics, an atom, only 10% of matter but for 90% of energy. And maybe they also know that the photon (light particle) at the same time is part and wave (wave particle duality) from the two States. As you know, perceive we all natural phenomena with our five senses (cognition) and construct our individual world (constructivism) it constantly. And the evolution (mutation and selection) is, on the basis of six ur items, from a series of coincidences or? As structure/form/surface, images/colors, smells/tastes, sounds and patterns seem to repeat location – and time independent, most people believe in gods, or an creator are all thinks from the (destiny) and controls (Providence).

How are structure/form/surface, images and colours, but now Smells/tastes, sounds and history in their reliable repeatability in all of nature (Cosmos vs. (and) chaos)? Musicians and singers, music-making in Europe according to written notes on the basis of A pitch. This is the result of a long cultural development – on the basic of physical laws, and the individual skills needed evolutionarily evolved for millennia. Everyone can, in its local cuisine, for which the following experiment perform time: put a pan with olive oil on a hot plate and observe how this oil developed pattern. Where does this oil structure formation during the heating process, on the basis of the golden section? Includes oil a natural or divine structure information? Formed this oil structure on our globe, under the same conditions, same everywhere? If this process organized themselves, then there is an evolutionary (random) basis? Maybe they, have wondered before why for example the rose petals roll up from a circular arrangement out? Why wear patterns on their plate turtles? Why animal horns and animal skins are shaped and spotted? Why, there are approximately 200 different snow Crystal shapes (water) and how they are created? Why all people according to a uniform model worldwide (WHO) can be assessed healthy? First, a reminder: the Greeks divided the world in animated and unbeseelt.

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