Cornelius Club

The defects that we had gotten to pardon, like the gratuitous violence and the hedonismo of the personages, return now to persecute to us, to such point that the firing that sticks Cornelius is absurd. In another one it films of the same year, American Beauty, was criticized very hard that was chosen to Suvari Ore in an adolescent paper when already tapeworm more than 20 anuses. At many, this election got to water down the film to them. The same happens with the Club of Lucha, in which a chosen bad end, can get to water down the totality to us of films. , If we managed to surpass these limitations we were before a shining history, nevertheless full of a violent sensitivity to the best style of Quentin Tarantino. This it films is one hard critic to the North American society, its dreams of opium and their falsifications; reason sufficient to turn the Club of Lucha into films imperdible, that must comprise of all videoteca that is respected. In order to verify it is enough to think about the obsession of Cornelius with his objects of Ikea, or to remember the almost religious sermon that profiere Tyler. That one in which it accuses the modern society to us to have promised that we would be stars of rock in fact to undress to us than Tyler considers our humanity: the capacity to fight to us. The metaphor of the fight like that quality that is lost our generation and that explains our laziness, our disinterestedness by the life and the death, our daily boredom; they do of the Club of Lucha, one of favorite films of Generation X and one of the DVD better sold for all time, staying enters 50 more sold after one decade.

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