The Family

These, only know to lie. They only promise what it does not have and what they will never be able to make. It did not advance exactly. Manuel arrives in house. Its grandmother is who makes the boio. Manuel has some relatives with it: the grandmother, the father, two brothers, two sisters and a niece. The remaining portion of the family is for there, for the world measures. Ones walking same, others vagabundeando and the remaining portion in the other world.

This remaining portion is what it is a little better. Thus the Manuel hears to speak for there. It is not certain of this, nor wants to go another world pro still. Manuel eats what it they pass. Already wise person what she was. Nor commentary makes.

Colloquy with the father who already is well old and alone speaks of the time of long ago. Good time, according to it. Abundance that was a colossus. Pernambuco to the side liveed there pro sea. It liked to take coconut water, to fish of time in when, to sleep in the sand the afternoon. this was not has much time. 1910 band was pra there. Brazil was a paradise. Now it is everything changed. Nobody wants to work and the Manuel is felt nervous. It finishes the endorsement soon and it treats to go service pro. To listen to lenga-lenga of the old one, only confuses. What it passed passed. Now is to break pra another one. It knows that the old one feels homesicknesses, but what it could make? To the 13 hours already he is in the service. Now he arrived early. The work recommences. Manuel works with vigor. It hears the other laborers to speak high. This says a thing, that one says another one, everybody colloquy there. It leaves truths, it leaves lies, more lies that truth.

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