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German Empire

He led me came in and introduce myself to the grim sitting there old man. He, full Moller, offered cigarettes and a Vermouth me, as if he were master of the House… as I was for the first time at … Continue reading

Picture Eight

It has now, as they show initial verses of ' ' It chose in junho' ' , only memory, and the time if make gift. As an artist, Max does not need saying in them objective this, but it suggests … Continue reading

Gustave Flaubert

The sixth chosen story is The Legend of St, Julian the Hospitaller written by Gustave Flaubert. It is included in Discoveries covering the stage of Transformation, and a content of alternate theme Facing death s legends were brief narratives of … Continue reading


I think it’s incredibly important to give people guidance and worked out for me as our most important asset in particular in the fields of health, money, and knowledge. “Appeared a few weeks ago the book what is man?” the … Continue reading

Capitalism And Consumerism

The capitalism and the consumerism are the legitimate parents of the Possibilismo: That they are the eyes settled in the profit, cobiosos eyes of the men of I negotiate, gulosos Eyes that search the possible ways for the speculation and … Continue reading

Charles Baudelaire

This age the pretension doSimbolismo while aesthetic: to arrive at the absolute vacant, the complete impreciso. Overso s to follow, is a good example of this: ‘ ‘ in the sun light perpetual glorificadas’ ‘. Another important element emtoda soneto … Continue reading