Charles Enormous

Thus, in a process of setting between itself, they go searching what she was not learned and automatically will be defeated the appalling monster called test. From there, some will help the others in the intercomplementao of the respective FT? s, in the room or is of it. E, why, necessarily, force-task? If we desire to fight the violence, let us use, then a proper term of the military operations, that it will changed itself into didactic! The Dr. Carlos Morales, of practical spirit, saw that the colloquy took another route and called for the reality of the moment. It started for thanking the invitation for the lunch, consulted the clock and it saw that it passed very midnight. It considered to lock up the meeting, for the deserved rest. The following day would be long and full.

They had combined for the six, when would visit the installations of the ENGETEC, box d? water with the Dr. possible Charles and if with the Dr. Gil and the Dr. Sinval the deposit of Uranian. When thinking about it, Alberto assumed the serious expression of who intended to say something very serious, pigarreou and said: _ Dr. Carlos, Mr. Bonifcio knows that we have in the immediacy of the workmanships an Aboriginal Reserve. They live here have some or many centuries.

Next, an enormous chestnut tree exists that was and continues being a dumb witness of what it has occurred in the place. The first one that we have register it is of an enormous fight between indians and bandeirantes that had camped have three hundred years more than, pra renewal of sorts. One of them was overcome by loves for the son of the chieftain and tried to catch it the force. The warrior to who it was fiance’, followed it but it was deceased, while it ran and counted to the father, who entered in fight with the delinquent, leading the two factions to stop a violent battle, that finished only with loosers.

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