The Crime

the first disobedience led to second, generating a vicious circle of ‘ ‘ pecados’ ‘ of lies to hide such sins. The result was the tragedy. CONCLUSION a workmanship as the Crime of the Priest I land on water comes to present one of the main characteristics of the workmanships of Ea de Queirs, that is to show the society as in a mirror, stops to see that sad reality it forms. Ramalhete in very displays well this aspiration to them of Ea in disclosing the society and its decay, displaying descriptive, detalhistas stretches, glue of close a real triviality. The celibacy in addition is one of the fragile boarded questions in the workmanship, touching deep in the wound of the catolicismo. The priests, as men who are, also fall in temptation, also sin and have vices, breaking votes and becoming involved themselves in public scandals. Intent analyst of the society, Ea de Queirs characterized the leiriense society of very devout woman and much profligate, being I land on water the chosen personage to forge the sacred laws.

It breaks the votes of the celibacy, plans an end for the son, fruit of its relations with Amlia, and displays the same one to the death, therefore this does not resist the lack of the son and the private process of the childbirth.

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