West Side Story

First simple steps, We will not try to do ” moonwalk” , (step that seems that we walked, but we go backwards), not even to put to us of finishing nails, We are going to begin with a choreography, for my, simplest of MJ, although very moved. The Beat song it, of the time of West Side Story, where we can see that it has inspired steps of this one film. Steps: 1 Arm dcho totally risen 2 we lowered and to Arm izq to it totally risen 3 just as step 1, but in addition the leg dcha, stretched towards the same side, touching the ground, with the end 4 just as step 3 but with the arm and the leg izq. 5 we put ourselves at the outset like, normal and we watched towards the left and with both arms, as if we wanted to take to alquien by the waist and we give codazo suddenly backwards (dcha) 6 we backwards take to a step (dcha) and express 7 we repeated step 5 8 we stretched the arms outside our body, watching opposite, like at the outset and simultaneously, we interchanged the site feet, dcho ahead 9 we let turn itself 10 we repeated step 8, (now we are of backs) 11 we let turn itself 12 we are like at the outset: we raise to the leg izq forwards and a little side izq, we tried and it to touch with the two hands 13 again the 12 14 with the other leg, dcha, we raised by the part izq to it until doing cculo great, happening near our face (if you do not have as much elasticity, you can double it, but it will not be so well) the 15 above hands and arms 16 pat with the two, to the two legs 17 enhorabuena Either you have made more or less a choreography of MJ but you need the more energy, the more style, will help you much to watch video BEAT IT, of the DVD or a concert of MJ. If you want to learn much more and better, you can apuntarte to the Gb-Mj school.

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