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A Jewish tradition tells that it was son of the widower of Serepta, which fed Elias prophet and later it had its only son died, who was revived for one of the biggest prophets of Jewish history. O SIGNAL OF PROPHET JONAS But which would be the signal of Jonas the one that the Master Jesus if related? It says in the singular ' ' sinal' ' not signals. Therefore we will now see the book left stops in that it received the JONAS name. After to have come the prophet the word Mr. who gave a mission to it, says the bible in the versicle 3, something interesting: FIRST SIGNAL: 01:01. However Mr. came the word the Jonas, son of Amitai, saying: 02.

He raises you, he goes to the great city of Nnive, and clama against it, because its malice went up until me. 03. Jonas, however, was arisen to run away from the presence Mr. for Trsis. E, I descend the Jope, found a ship that went for Trsis; it paid, therefore, its ticket, and went down for inside of it, to go with them for Trsis, of the presence Mr. The signal would be this of which Jesus wanted to mention itself. What the generation adulteress was running away from the face of God? What the people was running away to its orders? What the way that generation was following was not the said one for God? Today still many are to run away from the face of God, therefore more they are not imported in making the will of the Father, but its proper wills.

Shepherds who do not nail more on the sin, therefore fear to lose dizimistas. Men who had been calls to represent the people of God and if had involved with robberies of dollar millions. Therefore they represent those that live running away from the presence of God.

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