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However Mr

A Jewish tradition tells that it was son of the widower of Serepta, which fed Elias prophet and later it had its only son died, who was revived for one of the biggest prophets of Jewish history. O SIGNAL OF … Continue reading

The Vers

Jesus with certainty already would acquire all somativa proceeding from its celestially divine auto-existence. The Vers.40 participates to us that the Master grew and if he fortified and not that it grew fortified, therefore if cannot deduce with whom Jesus … Continue reading

The Oil

In synthesis: The Dons is for the service of the Body. MY PROPER CONSTRUCTION does not stop! I believe that it is this reciprocity of dons, that Pablo in such a way emphasizes, that makes lack in the life of … Continue reading


In playing exists, participation and enrollment necessarily, being a form to develop the capacity to remain itself active and participativo. In this manner, the meaning of the playful one is on the possibility to accent in the educators the creativity, … Continue reading

Wonderful Council

of the Armies to see of close that Tremendous being; – In fact, the conjunct will be heard. That man will appear he will instruct and them again; – And Mano, sufficiently happy, will make offers to that Tremendous being; … Continue reading