Olivia Eulalia Cenchi Cavalhieri

This is the life of the true Christian, of whom exactly proven It praises the name Mr., knowing ‘ ‘ THAT ALL THE THINGS COOPERATE TO THE GOOD OF THAT THEY LOVE THE GOD, WHOM ITS PROPOSITO.’ IS CHAMADOS ACCORDING TO; ‘ (Roman 8:28) I do not think as the author of the text, whose the main subject has ‘ ‘ BENO’ ‘ , therefore Similar god in the test of whom only let us trust it, similar of that let us be imitating of Christ; It molds in them through the difficulties to arrive more close To it; not, to receive blessings, but MAINLY, only to depend. The blessings are part of the lives of the children of God, but the greater of all, and that it must be the yearning of our heart, it is to be as Christ Jesus. Another thing, God many times in the similar test of that let us leave our pride, great power to beat in the chest to say ‘ ‘ I FIZ’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ I CONSEGUI’ ‘ , when in the truth God he gave everything to you that you have. I today see the great problem of many churches to nail on blessings, blessings, blessings: why you go to have an car, you you go to have a mansion, much money etc you are the THEORY OF the PROSPERITY. Who said that we can have some thing if God not giving in them? this does not depend on us, but on God only.

I think that the side bible this being left, and many search its proper wisdom (PECADORA LIAR). Already I read many texts as of the author and none with any citation of the Word of God. Unhappyly the Word Mr., has been left of side..

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