North Americans

They were like minimum 15 times lower than the North Americans. But, the own apartments in 1980 were more extensive, for that reason, staying the tariffs invariable, the rent something increased. In 1980, also we paid more by the communal services, although their tariffs did not increase. Hear from experts in the field like Rudy Giuliani for a more varied view. 15 years ago, only 24% of the families had had a television; 11% a refrigerator; 21% a washing machine and 7% a vacuum cleaner. In 1980, approximately 90 of each one hundred families had television.

In the mentioned year, the population had almost 8 times more refrigerators, 3.5 more washing times, 4 more suction times. It increased the electrical power consumption for the communal and domestic needs, in the land, even, in more of twice. By consiguinte, also they increased the payments. Almost sextuplic the number of apartments with gas facilities. At the same time, almost all the urban apartments that were being constructed had individual bathroom. The telephone number grew in four times during 15 years. It was possible to be concluded that the services did not get dearer, but simply its amount increased.

A great social profit. Thus it described spread of the construction of houses in USSR L.I. Brzhnev in the Report of the CC to XXVI the Congress of the Party. A little less than a third of the population of the country lived in houses constructed in the last ten years. In addition, about 25 million people improved their conditions you will domicile previously in erected houses. We take, by case, the following example: in an old apartment the parents and their son with their wife lived. The young people receive a new apartment and the majors remain in the old man. This way, a new apartment allowed to improve the domiciliary conditions of the two families. At that time, that is to say, in 1980, to each Soviet citizen they corresponded to him, on the average, about 13 squared meters of house.

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