Capitalism And Consumerism

The capitalism and the consumerism are the legitimate parents of the Possibilismo: That they are the eyes settled in the profit, cobiosos eyes of the men of I negotiate, gulosos Eyes that search the possible ways for the speculation and the exploration of immediate profits. What it was called Modernismo, in the truth, and has much time, it is the Possibilismo, That was born in the height of the greed and the explorations of the possible ways. Times where the life is not guided by vocations But if go for where of, and if it makes what it has to make. The continuity of the Possibilismo is this historical context where we live, Where we more search each day the ways possible of survival. Time of cell-trunk, biodivercidade, genetic code, global heating, space collision of worlds, debris, genetic engineering, abortion, artificial insemination, green Mafia, social inclusion, globalization, virtual recycling, namoro, sex without penetration, biocombustvel, renewable energy, abduo, marriage gay.

Global village, multiculturalismo. The Possibilismo has beginning in commercial music, in the commercial book, commercial history, the commercial dance, in the commercial record, bunda commercial, the commercial face, the commercial body, the first excrement of the son of the celebrity, in fashion advertising, in the commercial priest, the commercial program, the commercial church, in the commercial garbage, when what it is of good taste, raised and spiritual, lost its space for the profit. The Possibilismo is son legitimizes of the machine, and the disastrous extension of the capitalism. The primitive Christianity is the son legitimizes of Christ, and the church the disastrous extension of emperor Constantino l. The geographic Possibilismo of woollen Paul Vidal Blache, With the theory of the exploration of the geographic space, Or vital space used by Hitler, if extended for the literary one, music, the art, the Leisure, the recreation, the fashion etc, the Possibilismo is natural consequence of the Capitalism, is the commercial exploration of everything After greed, of the yearnings and the liberty of speech, New show windows, new rich, new poor persons, New marks and a new consuming public. Now we are the society of the pleasure, everything for the happiness, nothing of penances and sacrifices, nothing of concepts that confuse to be happy, Everything this subject to o pleasure. If the religious rules confuse, Mudaremos, If Church bothers will transform, it, If the bible bothers will rewrite, it, We are Possibilistas, and we only need God when in we feel them alone, God if became a subordinated friend our whims and necessity of pleasure. But a thing still in bothering, is that it seems that exists a furious God in the force of the volcanos, a irado God who chacoalha the land, a castigador God in the furious blow in hurricanes, a Deustempestuoso in waters of the sea, an independent God of the idea that I have regarding it, Will be that the Greeks were certain! He will be that the indians were certain! He will be that the blacks were certain! What I know is that the modernismo will not have an end, without to measure with the technological advance. Salomo Alcantra J. Nunez Poetry for the new context

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