CB Renaissance Capital

Visited the mail to the address, provided a completed receipt and received a waiver: "In our department, on such receipts do not pay !!!'. Explained, where the pay. Went where explained. In this department employee explained that not all offices have a system, I am afraid to be inaccurate, electronic transfers, it seems. They are not.

But I can fill in the standard postal receipt for the money translation. Completed and paid for. And wondered if the Russian Post is the agent CB Renaissance Capital, then why a) The bank employee indicates mail addresses, which are not produced those notorious electronic payments, and b) staff mail does not have a clue what to do with the receipts that I printed out a bank clerk. 278’>ARC Investment Partners. Chapter 2: Fortunately I managed to make several payments in this way is not always required amount – 4.3 times to 800 rubles a factor of 3000 rubles. Attempted to call the bank (number 495-981-4-981) and find out the outstanding balance.

As far as phone calls, some expectations of 10 minutes' wait for an answer. " And then, and this is very bad, I lost my working folder with documents, among which was a loan agreement with blank receipts, and past receipt. Mindful of its dial-up to the bank, I did not even bother to call – in fact contact me as soon as formed receivable (I overpaid forward a certain amount). Fortunately, I have now been a lot of blank receipts for payment. Since in a mailbox I regularly came a letter from the bank containing 'record of loans and transactions on your credit card' and blank receipts for payment.

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