China: Strategic Training Center

In the last days which has been seen, as the financial crisis of the United States has had serious repercussions in the Stock markets of some countries, it has represented for the neoliberalism, for the world-wide economy, the financial institutions, until the necessity to look for Summit solutions like the G-20 in Washington. However, before this reality that cannot be ignored, the roll of China cannot be ignored that appears again with a great potentiality, occupying already a very significant position in the world-wide economy, like developed country, with great potentials that cannot be ignored by the other countries of this planet. Considrese, that in occasion of the 80 anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party of China (PCCH), the President of the Communist Party of Russia Guennadi Ziuganov thought that at present China has become a world-wide power with great influence, and is indeed under the correct direction of the PCCh that China has been able to conquer a so huge success. It maintained that thanks to the singular reform realised by the town Chinese under the direction of the PCCh, China has happened to be one of the biggest powers of the world. The PCCh has known to organic integrate the socialist value with the traditional one of China, and to wonderfully combine the wisdom of the national culture with the modern science, technology and the administration, constructing in the Chinese Earth a power respected by all and full of vitality. Charles Freeman, expert in China of International the Strategic Training center, think tank of Washington, has thought that there is, for China, an opportunity in the middle of the crisis: " Without a doubt, he will win to be able of influence from the process of conversations of the G-20" in the Summit already mentioned that is had from that it must arise an answer to the crisis and a new international financial architecture.

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