The Menstrual Cycle

Sometimes he came to work in a bad mood, a woman hears whispers behind his back: 'Yes it critical days. " And often they get to a point. After all, the mood and behavior of women rather strongly depend on such menstrual cycle. And different menstrual periods affect the body differently. So, before you calendar of women's health. Beginning (1-2nd day) menstrual cycle: Sex – Stop Feeling previous 3 weeks of a woman's body was preparing for a probable pregnancy and in the last few days before menstruation actively drew up progesterone produced in the ovaries and the adrenal cortex.

If conception does not occur, the level of this hormone decreases – instead begins production prostaglandins, substances that cause vascular spasm and the onset of menstruation. This gives rise to many unpleasant sensations in the woman's body. – Able to attend strong aching abdominal pain due to uterine contractions, buoyancy of a menstrual blood. – A large number of prostaglandins affects the vascular tone (they are narrower), as a consequence of women with low blood pressure and impaired cardiovascular system may experience headaches. To avoid this it is necessary to abstain from meat broths, tea, coffee and chocolate, amplifying the action of prostaglandins. – Prostaglandin also affects the tone of the intestines – many women complain of indigestion. Eliminate these symptoms, in addition to diet, helps to activated charcoal. Tips – from sexual contact is better to abstain: during orgasm may occur out of menstrual blood peritoneal cavity, which increases the risk of developing endometriosis.

– Women with painful periods can not lay all the time: lower the tone of the uterus, which leads to increased pain. 4-6-th day of the menstrual cycle: a life She feels being established menstrual flow gradually decreased, although the level of prostaglandin still high enough – can be confusing for discomfort. Emotional state and returns to normal. 7-day 11 menstrual cycle: Premium Half body feels renewed, woman, nothing worries, she is calm and balanced. Sexuality at a high level, so the orgasm is particularly striking, and the desire – quite strong. Tips – This is the safe time for sex without a condom. – The ideal time for preventive visits to the gynecologist, because during this period he will be able to objectively evaluate your health status. – For Recovery of hemoglobin concentration after blood loss is included in the diet of foods rich in iron: beef, pomegranates, beef, apples, buckwheat, liver. 12-14-day menstrual cycle: the equator-being in this period in the body much androgen, which makes a woman a playful and passionate. In addition, from 12 th to 16 th day there is worsening of memory, increase endurance and resistance to stress. Tips – The most auspicious days for conception. 16-28-th Day: Feeling PMS Many women complain of swelling and breast tenderness and sweating. Sometimes there is an increase of weight on 1-1,5 kg. May disturb the low back pain, bloating and nausea. All this accompanied by mood swings, swelling of the face and legs. Tips – Delete the black tea and strong coffee. – Drink more diuretic teas. You can eat watermelon, strawberries, apples. – Avoid spicy, fatty and fried foods: it enhances the action of prostaglandins, which lead to a narrowing of blood vessels and lead to strong headaches. – Emotional stress will remove the positive emotions – going to the theater, cinema, swimming pool. Well help contrasting perfusion and aromatherapy.

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