Limited Liability Companies

When you open your own business first, but by no means the easiest step is to register the company in the tax office. One of the most popular legal forms of organization with legal personality, the most easy to administer and registration – Limited Liability Company (LLC). It is easy operation, low initial share capital, the founders are not responsible personal property – are the distinguishing features llc. In this article we will help you understand how to correctly register a business in the tax office and avoid mistakes that lead to loss of time and money. So, the first stage of registration of the llc is to choose the organization's name, identifying the types of activities and selection of them on nace, determining the number of founders (the law on Limited Liability Companies are not over 50), the formation of the authorized capital (the law of the Company not less than 10,000 rubles, or property at this amount), the distribution of the authorized capital stock between the Participants, the selection of registered address corresponding to geographically one of the tax inspections, opening a savings account with a bank (if the share capital Payable in cash), preparation of constituent documents, etc. The second stage of registration of the llc is, in fact, to register with the tax inspectorate. The main body commits all registration actions relating to a Tax Authority llc number 46 in Moscow. In the Unified State Register of legal entities the information on the basis of documents given to the registering body – the tax office. .

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