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Reflection On Mothers Day

It could not leave to write regarding the date meant of the May month that ‘ day of mes’. This must be a moment to think about the paper of the mother and its importance for the society. The last … Continue reading


Not agreed Russians polled in what age a woman to marry more difficult, although most came to the conclusion that to put a stamp in the passport is easy, but finding someone with whom it is best to tie life … Continue reading

Human Injury And Resentments

Getting rid of the resentments We think that depression is at the heart of human injury, which does not give us easy to live, work and creative work. The root of the offense laid in the envy of human relationships … Continue reading

Christian Russia

Although between engagement and wedding, as a rule, passed a very long time, this period was very eventful. The time from engagement to wedding was intended to prepare for the wedding and most importantly – the future independent life of … Continue reading

Japanese Anniversary Symbols

The number 5 is the number of good, not that there 13 or 666. Even psychologists do not promise anything like a crisis and irresistible in its fifth year of marriage. So the 5th anniversary of living together or, in … Continue reading

Business Partners

Today the business is a souvenir not only useful thing in the workplace, but also an effective advertising medium. Moreover, the souvenir business is an important part of corporate culture and belonging to a certain group: party or social organization, … Continue reading

Art Brawl

Very often, after a quarrel with a loved one you feel anger and resentment incredible, you do not like to be near this man, and an ice cold in the chest does not breathe normally. And you do not know … Continue reading


Breastfeeding. Breast milk – the most natural food for babies. If you do not intend to breastfeed for a long time, it is important first few months to give the child the breast, as with colostrum, the baby gets immunity … Continue reading

Contradictory Traditions

The homossexualidade during much time was passed to the society as a demonic image of something and the people who practised this act of love ' ' anormal' ' they were seen only as people who lived in places of … Continue reading

The Council

But neither the next day, in none of his subsequent new-found playmate is no longer played with him, but only loud crying and hiding behind the big men. Every day, a ferret is less walking around the apartment, less frequently … Continue reading