The Dream Of The Own Sport Club:

Mrs.Sporty is looking for the ‘Chef’ for Steffi Graf. / The chosen one sponsors Mrs.Sporty with Home Premium for the creation of the own sport clubs. Before but most convincing ten candidates before a jury must prove who can best embody the unique training and nutrition concept. Who has what it takes, Chief”of Steffi Graf, the co-founder of Mrs.Sporty, to be? arabella can until 31.03.2011 sports and Ernahrungsbegeisterte apply at Mrs.Sporty and convince with personality, creativity and communicative and organizational skills. A marketing concept for the opening of a Mrs.Sporty.Clubs is required.

The ten most original ideas and their creators compete eventually in a one-day competition in Munich at the 17.04.2011. The winner gets the start bonus for the establishment of the Club and thus a promising lucrative future of Mrs.Sporty. Great business opportunity the Mrs.Sporty Franchise concept offers a great business opportunity in the growing market of health. Low investment costs, as well as a low break-even point represent prerequisites for independence in small towns with a population of a few thousand, as well as in larger cities. “The work is very fulfilling: I can make a difference, do something meaningful and a great feeling make a great contribution for the many motivated women”, former IT consultant says the Cubbesitzerin Sandra Suhr (33). She is happy to finally have the freedom to have, to implement their ideas and to operate in their own pockets. Award-winning concept that concept from a mere 30-minute circuit training has Mrs.Sporty three times in a week, as well as a change of diet in the last five years not only in Germany more than proved its worth: now wise Mrs.Sporty clubs throughout Europe at the opening of great member numbers before – in Brixen/Italy opened a club with the re cord number of 720 members.

In addition the Mrs.Sporty concept is multiple award winner: two Leipzig clubs have received from the company basic Office Leipzig (ugb) the founders Award for promising start-ups in the region. In addition Mrs.Sporty was awarded the health media award in the category of special corporate and marketing communications”. Do you want to become part of our community? We help you comprehensively, to open its own women’s sport club. For all information about the Mrs.Sporty franchise system, see arabella we are looking forward to you!

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